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From the Learning Center: Valve Selection

ButterflyValveNelson-Jameson has a wide variety of valves to offer our customers. The following list presents some criteria to help identify a suitable valve for a given application or service:

Fluid Service
The type of fluid, whether it is a gas, liquid, slurry, clean, abrasive, etc… determines the type of valves to be chosen. The chemistry of the fluid service determines the material of construction to be chosen for the valve.

Pressure and Temperature Conditions
Operating pressures and temperature conditions will affect the type of valve and material of construction to be chosen.

Line Size
The line size can be a crucial factor in determining the valve type. For very large pipes, compact valves such as butterfly valves may be chosen at times due to smaller size and weight. Availability of a particular type valve for the chosen line size is also an important factor. All types of valves may not be available for the chosen line size.

Throttling (controlling flow) Characteristics
Only some types of valves offer good throttling characteristics (e.g. globe or diaphragm valves).

Pressure Drop
Larger pressure drops increase the pumping cost. Smaller pressure drops increase the valve cost because a larger valve would be needed.

Special Functional Requirements
The actual function for which the valve is required may allow for special criteria in selecting the valve. For example, if the application requires the valve to open quickly, a ball valve would be a good fit.

Please consider these criteria to select the valve that is right for you. For further assistance, please contact our Process Flow Department at 800-826-8302.

To shop our selection of valves available online, click here.

Source: Engineering Design Encyclopedia

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