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What’s on the ‘Tube…

20140930_084750Nelson-Jameson is pleased to announce that filming was completed this week on two new instructional videos examining the M926 Chloride Analyzer, a popular automatic chloride titrator for the food industry. The videos are being developed as part of a larger initiative to bring product information and assistance to our customers through numerous modes of delivery.

Among a several other applications, these two short videos will soon be available on the Nelson-Jameson YouTube Channel. If you haven’t gotten a chance, check out our channel right here! On the channel, you will find a growing list of videos covering our wide line of products. Here, you will be able to see videos featuring some of our products, others taking on product-specific frequently asked questions, and many more areas of interest.

Do you have any suggestions for videos that you would like to see on our channel: information on certain products, services, how-to clips, etc.? Drop us a line; we would appreciate hearing any ideas you may have! For those interested, the M926 Chloride Analzyer videos will be posted later this month.

Keep checking our Learning Center on our website, YouTube channel, blog, Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter for more updates and more information!

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“Hot” Foods for 2014

Trends shape our business strategy. They dictate what we sell and to whom we sell it. Now that we’re a few months into 2014, here’s a look at the promising food industry trends that may drive our next year:

The Dream of the ‘90’s is Alive in…Wisconsin?

Source: Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

Source: Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

Fans of the satire “Portlandia” know that the “Dream of the 1990’s” is alive in present-day Portland. But it seems that a particular philosophy of the 1890’s could gain favor in Wisconsin given a recent trend in the dairy sector.

An 1895 Wisconsin law that banned the sale or use of margarine in the Dairy State was repealed in 1967, but dairy purists might want to lobby for its reinstatement citing consumers’ recent rejection of food products that are heavy in trans fats, such as margarines.

According to the American Butter Institute, butter consumption is at a 40-year high in the United States because shoppers are looking for healthier, more natural food choices.  Thus, they are moving away from highly processed foods with artificial ingredients. Butter as a health food—who’da thunk it?

Quinoa is Sooooo 2013

Source: ABC News

Source: ABC News

Americans’ hunger for exotic grains shows no signs of being satiated. Now that most consumers are familiar with the tricky-to-pronounce “quinoa”, they want more whole grains and seeds to fuel their allergen-free or lower-carb cravings. Amaranth, chia, millet and sorghum are some of the gluten-free ancient grains gaining popularity with those wanting wheat-free alternatives.

For consumers counting their carbs, Middle Eastern freekeh and Italian farro are two fiber-filled, protein-packed wheat strains that are predicted to gain popularity in 2014. Continue reading

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