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Avoid “Blech” Friday: Carefully Handle the Leftovers!

Source: Food Network

Source: Food Network

In our house, there are two camps when “Black Friday” hits: the “Dedicated Shoppers” and, those like myself, the “Thanks, I’m Not Giving Up” eaters.

The “Thanks, I’m Not Giving Up,” population, still basking in the glory of the stomach-stuffing of the previous day, shuns leaving the home in favor of recreating the glory of Thanksgiving though various helpings of leftovers throughout the day. Often, this is done in a traditional wardrobe of elastic-waist fleece pants and a hooded sweatshirt. In such regalia, the following exchanges may take place (in one’s head):

Q: “Would I like a mound of reheated green bean casserole?”
A: “Please…I think it only gets better on the second day!”

Q: “Care for some stuffing reanimated with a healthy dose of leftover gravy?”
A: “Well, it is the holiday season…”

Q: “Can I fit the rest of the turkey leftovers into one sandwich?”
A: “Well, I suppose everyone else ate while they were out shopping…”

Much like with Black Friday shoppers, it pays to plan, my fellow “Thanks, I’m Not Giving Up” eaters! As soon as Thanksgiving is over, start thinking strategy! To avoid making it a “Blech Friday,” (the natural enemy of seasonal reheat-aficionados) consider some of these tips from Diane Van, Food Safety Education Staff Deputy Director of the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service:

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