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What’s on the ‘Tube…

20140930_084750Nelson-Jameson is pleased to announce that filming was completed this week on two new instructional videos examining the M926 Chloride Analyzer, a popular automatic chloride titrator for the food industry. The videos are being developed as part of a larger initiative to bring product information and assistance to our customers through numerous modes of delivery.

Among a several other applications, these two short videos will soon be available on the Nelson-Jameson YouTube Channel. If you haven’t gotten a chance, check out our channel right here! On the channel, you will find a growing list of videos covering our wide line of products. Here, you will be able to see videos featuring some of our products, others taking on product-specific frequently asked questions, and many more areas of interest.

Do you have any suggestions for videos that you would like to see on our channel: information on certain products, services, how-to clips, etc.? Drop us a line; we would appreciate hearing any ideas you may have! For those interested, the M926 Chloride Analzyer videos will be posted later this month.

Keep checking our Learning Center on our website, YouTube channel, blog, Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter for more updates and more information!

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Tech Tip: Ergonomic Pipetting

Source: Stanford University

Source: Stanford University

Due to the sheer amount of pipetting that goes on commonly in a lab on a day-to-day basis, it can be easy to forget that this repetitive process may cause problematic ergonomic issues.

Stanford University’s EH&S, Industrial Hygiene/Safety Program recommends a few things that you can do to assure good ergonomics while pipetting in the lab. Here are some of their key insights from the “Laboratory Ergonomics Tips” document to keep in mind while pipetting:

The next time you find yourself trying to assure the quality of your sample, take some time to remember to take care of yourself in the process. For further tips on maintaining proper ergonomics in the lab check out more from Stanford University here.<

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