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Nelson-Jameson Team Member Wins Scholarship

178f7b62-142f-4f5b-a385-9b8dffe132b2At Nelson-Jameson, we like to remain involved and in-the-know. We offer continued training for our employees, attend and exhibit at many trade shows, and are involved in networking, educational and philanthropic organizations that range from community-minded to industry-oriented. One of these trade associations to which Nelson-Jameson belongs is FISA, the Food Industry Suppliers Association.

FISA is trade group dedicated to promoting distribution in high purity industries, such as food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, personal care and biotechnology. Its members are comprised of distributors and manufacturers who go to market through distribution. Nelson-Jameson has been involved with FISA since its inception more than 50 years ago, and we’ve found tremendous value in the networking and educational opportunities provided by FISA.

One of these opportunities involves the University of Innovative Distribution, a concentrated educational program focused on the unique needs of the wholesale distribution industry. Sponsored by FISA and other leading industrial trade organizations and in cooperation with Purdue University, UID provides a world-renowned educational experience to wholesale distribution professionals. FISA provides two annual scholarships to UID that are open to employees of member organizations, and we are proud to announce that a Nelson-Jameson team member has once again been awarded one of these scholarships.

Devon Nov15

Congratulations go to Devon Vogel, our Inventory Solutions Supply Chain Manager/MRO Product Manager, who will be attending UID this March via scholarship. Devon hopes “to use the information gained (at UID) to become a more efficient and innovative category manager, as well as (to become) a positive female role model for other women who are interested in going into the industry.” She’d like to use her educational experience to “contribute to (Nelson-Jameson)…and to providing solutions in the (overall) supply chain.” We couldn’t be prouder of Devon, and are excited to learn from her educational and developmental experiences at UID!

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Going Worldwide in Food Safety Certification


Source: SQF Institute

One of our top priorities is ensuring the products we transport and store are safe and meet food safety requirements. We are happy to report that Nelson-Jameson, Inc. received a score of 98% on our latest Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program Certification audit in September. More recently, last month, Sector 26 met Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Benchmarking – which means the sector is now recognized and accepted worldwide.

SQF Certification is recognized by GFSI, which links primary production certification to food manufacturing, distribution and agent/broker management certification. As a distribution facility, the SQF Certification benefits are the following:

  • Compliance – The requirements in the SQF code meet and often exceed many international food safety regulatory rules, including the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) proposed rules.
  • Confidence SQF is a food safety system that can help protect  brands and consumers with one of the most rigorous, globally recognized programs and state of the art data management system.
  • Global Recognition – a program recognized by the GFSI and food retailers worldwide.
  • Enhanced Protection – The SQF program provides  data and information that has integrity, consistency, and provides a higher level of credibility than other schemes.
  • Quality Management – The SQF program includes a level of certification specifically focused on product quality and the maintenance of private label specifications at the manufacturing level.
  • Reduced Product Loss – The SQF systems approach to specification management will help improve operational efficiency.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on food safety regulations and how we are implementing policies and procedures to keep our products and consumers safe.


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Making Strides for Food Safety

As consumers continue to become more aware of food safety, manufacturers and suppliers have put more emphasis on ensuring all parts of the supply chain are doing everything they can. Nelson-Jameson, Inc. continues to have more requests of our food safety programs and processes.

This month I attended a supply chain food safety workshop that was hosted by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. Attendees included many of our major customers. The goal of this workshop was to instill the need for continued and enhanced vigilance in the area food safety. As many people are aware one recall can change the consumer’s mind about products.

In the world of food safety Nelson-Jameson, Inc. is a leader among distribution. Our goal is to ensure that we provide a safe supply chain for the products that we sell to our customers. As all of our warehouse facilities know we have high standards to live up to. There are many processes and procedures in place to ensure we are protecting the products we sell. Sometimes it’s not easy to maintain the standards but everyone does it with a sense of pride. I would welcome any customer into any of our facilities at any point in time and know that they would be impressed with our operations.

Last week, our Marshfield headquarters had their latest inspection of the warehouse. Our staff worked diligently in order to maintain the standards expected with all of the transitions relating to the new warehouse. We are happy to say that it went very well and we are one step further ahead for our customers by ensuring the safety of the food supply.

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Warehouse Addition Update

At the beginning of the year we announced our plans for a warehouse expansion at our company headquarters in Marshfield, Wisconsin. We can report that the construction process has been on schedule and our warehouse staff has started occupying the new warehouse with a variety of products. Here are some features we can look forward to with the expansion:

  • During construction, plastic curtain barrier between existing warehouse and addition
  • Previous exterior wall, now an interior part of the addition, has been cleaned and sanitized
  • New floors to be cleaned and sanitized before storage began
  • Additional ventilation & HEPA filtration
  • More efficient storage utilizing a new layout and gravity-flow racks
  • More secure – no outdoors access
  • Sealed sprinkler line
  • Added rainwater containment
  • Additional pest deterrent methods
  • Continuing occupancy sensor lighting

We hope our efforts will ultimately help us better serve our customers with enhanced efficiency. To see more photos, “Like Us” on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nelsonjameson.



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