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Nelson-Jameson Joins Forces with The Dairy Sustainability Alliance®

Sustainability is a word that carries a lot of weight. One of the more common associations that is connected to the term is taking care of our environment. The release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report last month (a UN panel) certainly was an eye opener for many about the severity and potentiality of climate change in our world. From changing weather patterns, to droughts, to flooding, the reach of global climate change can have a severe impact on the affordability and accessibility of food, including the production of nutrient dense products.  Tackling this challenge will require a lot of teamwork in the dairy and food industries. Afterall, the health of our planet and our people isn’t a competitive advantage.

Though a large task, there is some power in taking a few incremental steps. Nelson-Jameson is proud to announce that we are the newest member of The Dairy Sustainability Alliance®, a collaborative and pre-competitive group to “support socially responsible, economically viable and environmentally sound dairy food systems that promote the current and future health and well-being of dairy consumers, communities, cows, employees, businesses, and the planet.”  

The Alliance is made up of a vast array of dairy companies (including A LOT of NJ customers!), governmental, academic, industry organizations, suppliers, dairy farmers, and beyond. The Dairy Sustainability Alliance “is open to companies and organizations all along the dairy value chain who are committed to being leaders in sustainability and demonstrate their desire and ability to further the dairy community’s social responsibility goals.”

Housed through the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy (check out our article here to learn more about the Innovation Center), whose areas of focus include sustainable nutrition, the community, food safety, animal care, and environmental stewardship, the Alliance is a place to help the industry collectively take on shared priorities (like U.S. Dairy’s 2050 environmental stewardship goals), discuss new ideas and technologies, and collaborate on responsibly moving dairy forward in partnership with each other. From the cows, to the dairy farmers, to processors, and finished product producers, we all have a part to play in bringing safe, quality dairy products to the market in the most responsible way possible.    

We hope to work closely with the Alliance, our customers, and our suppliers/manufacturers to critically engage in finding sustainable solutions (products, programs, services)  for the food industry that will guarantee a safe food supply, great products, and less of a negative footprint on our environment. Whether it is through new product innovation or helping our customers consolidate shipments/resources, we’re excited to see what we can accomplish.       

If you would like to learn more about the Innovation Center and their work, including the “Net Zero Initiative” which is creating on-farm pathways to help farmers and the dairy community meet its collective 2050 environmental goals, please click here. To learn more about The Dairy Sustainability Alliance’s (even how to become a member) please click here.      

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Annatto: A Natural Color Solution

Have you heard the term Annatto before? You’re probably wondering if it’s a fun tropical island you can travel to, or maybe even an article of clothing you can wear, but really, it’s something that is more prevalent in your daily life than you had imagined.

Annatto is a type of food coloring made from the seeds of the achiote tree. It ranges from yellow to red-orange in hue, depending on the application and dosage rate, and is a staple in the food and beverage industry. It is also considered a staple in the dairy industry because it is stable, economical, and comes in a wide variety of forms, including powder, paste, liquid, and essential oils, making it applicable for use in almost any application. A unique fact about annatto is that although it is not well-known, an estimated 70% of natural food colors are derived from it. It also acts as a condiment used to enhance the flavor of dishes due to its slightly sweet and peppery taste.

Annatto also has many possible health benefits associated with it. Annatto contains various plant-based antioxidant properties that are designed to neutralize potentially harmful molecules. If these harmful molecule levels rise too high, they could damage your cells. This means that annatto can help lower your chances of developing a chronic condition such as cancer and heart disease. Research discovered that annatto also encompasses antimicrobial properties that aid in food preservation. This means that its purpose is to further extend the shelf-life for many food products, such as bread. A few other miscellaneous health benefits associated with annatto is that it may promote eye health, aid heart health, and may reduce inflammation in the body.

Overall, it appears that this natural color is generally safe for most individuals. Although still in the early stages of research, the biggest side effect discovered thus far with this seed/food coloring is allergies. This appears to be very minimal for something that has many health benefits associated with it. There still needs to be additional research done to verify if annatto could be a possible recommendation regarding human health reasons.

At Nelson-Jameson, we believe in promoting food safety and offering options that are best suited for company’s to utilize in their industry. That is why we currently offer various annatto color options that are designed to offer natural color solutions for cheese products.

Link to article: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/annatto#bottom-line

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