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The Science of Sweep

UST2It is quite easy to go through the day without taking a second look or give a second thought to the brushes we may use in our food industry operations or in our homes. Considering the vigorous workouts that we give our brushes, and the harsh conditions we expose them to, these workhorses are probably, at best, considered a basic tool with a basic function. Yet, the brushes we utilize today in industrial and domestic realms are the result of continuously morphing science and engineering standards.

For instance, filaments, the frontline soldiers in scouring, are put under a great deal of constant duress. In order to ensure that filaments (which can be made of several different materials, including polyester and polypropylene) don’t shed like needles from a dry Christmas tree, various settings have been developed to both allow durability and reflect standards of sanitary practice.

For basic cleaning, filaments have been traditionally set in with staples. Filaments are held in place, allowing for a level of durability and the ability to retain the filaments. However useful, staple-set brushes, because of their setting do permit small pieces of debris to get caught within the setting and may allow the growth of potential bacteria that get caught there. Such general-use brushes may work within certain circumstances; yet, they present some issues when contending with ensuring sanitary standards in food industry environments.

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Tech Tip: Flagged vs. Unflagged Broom Bristles

fvsunf2There are many options when looking at the bristles in your brooms – material, stiffness, color, etc. One option is a flagged or unflagged bristle.

The ends of flagged bristles look like split hairs – these bristles are ideal for sweeping up fine powders or debris in dry areas. When used in wet applications it is common for these bristles to become “matted-up” and dirty.

Unflagged bristles are commonly used in wet applications, and are ideal for larger debris. They will not, however, sweep up the fine debris as effectively as a flagged bristle will.

Both flagged and unflagged brooms have their applications within many facilities. Choosing the correct one can make your clean-up job easier.

For more information, see our selection of brooms and sweeps on our website or contact our Customer Service Department at 800-826-8302.

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