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BrewExpo America 2016: A Stake In Philly, Not a Rocky Commitment…

logo@1xAs Nelson-Jameson continues to supply the craft beer industry with a mixture of laboratory products, maintenance/repair/operations supplies, and processing products, we are always on the lookout for resources that can help us anticipate our brewery customers’ needs. If you haven’t been before, the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America® is a prolific place to take in the newest developments in the industry from a rich array of industry professionals and suppliers.

Nelson-Jameson will be in attendance this year at Brew Expo America® in Philadelphia. Whether you are talking lab supplies, instrumentation and equipment, color-coded offerings, hosing, or even engineering products and services through our sister company Kaestner, we’re here to help!

I personally will be sitting in with Nasco, maker of the very popular Whirl-Pak® bag, on Wednesday, May 4th. If you will be attending the show, I would like to invite you to booth #3714 to check out an array of Whirl-Pak products, as well as discussing any supply needs that your brewery may have that Nelson-Jameson could provide.

Then, on Thursday, May 5th, Jeff Turnbull, Technical Sales Specialist, will be sitting in with Allied Purchasing (booth #3521).  Jeff will be there to discuss how Allied and Nelson-Jameson can help you with an array of products, including processing and flow control offerings.

For more information on the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America® click here.  To sneak a peek into our Whirl-Pak offerings before the show, click here.  To check out Allied Purchasing, click here.

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Nelson-Jameson Pulls Up a Chair for this Round: BrewExpo America 2015

Source: Brewers Association

Source: Brewers Association

Over the past several years, Nelson Jameson, Inc. has had the good fortune to work with an array of breweries across the United States. Though historically situated in other areas of the food industry, NJ has come to be a trusted source of maintenance, safety, lab, cleaning, process, and material handling supplies for a wide array of customers, including breweries.

The craft brewing renaissance has exposed us to new customers, but thankfully our understanding of how to meet the needs and creative vision of craft and artisan cheesemakers has prepared us well for working with the craft beer industry.

We’ll be attending BrewExpo this year in Portland, Oregon, April 15th-April 17th and sitting in with our friends at Nasco, makers of the Whirl-Pak bag the afternoon of Thursday, April 16th from 1-5pm.

Please feel free to stop by the Nasco’s booth (#536) to check out an array of Whirl-Pak products throughout the show, and on the afternoon of the 16th to see how Nelson Jameson, Inc. might be able to help you reduce POs, while supplying a wide-array of competitively-priced products for your operation.

Or, to find out more about what we have available for your brewery, including products from suppliers like Nasco, 3M, Mettler-Toledo, Carlisle, Rubbermaid, and Remco, along with a whole host of other services and supplies, click here.

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Love, Loyalty, Friendship, and All Things Irish

claddaghAs my Grandfather was very proud to be part Irish, St. Patrick’s Day was always a special holiday to me. I wore the claddaugh ring (symbolizing love, loyalty, and friendship) most of my life. I’m not so much a fan of traditional Irish food, but I sure love fried cabbage and Guinness is my beer of choice.

I figured if I like the beer, I should learn a little more about the company itself. It got it’s start when Arthur Guinness (his signature is on the label) signed a 9,000 year lease on an empty brewery at St. James Gate in Dublin in 1759. It’s been around for a little over 250 years. It amazes me that this predates our country’s official birthdate.

Recently, I came across a young adult book at the library, Black Potatoes: the story of the great Irish famine, 1845-1850 by Susan Bartoletti. I’m always up for learning, and really knew nothing about the Irish Potato Famine. In the book, it described in detail the hard lives the Irish led during these years and the loss of approximately 25% of the population due to starvation and emigration.

I had to put the book down a few times because it was such a hard story to read and imagine my ancestors possibly experiencing these conditions. It amazed me again that Guinness was around long before the famine and has no signs of going anywhere anytime soon, with only 8,744 years left on their lease.

What does this have to do with Nelson-Jameson? A lot of things. Like Guinness, the foundation has been laid for this company to thrive for many years into the future. Like the Irish, we are hardworking people that can endure. We may have strong years and lean years, but we aren’t afraid to put in the hard work to make sure that NJ is able to do what we need to do to be successful. We are constantly evaluating and improving our systems and processes to make us leaner, stronger, and more efficient on a daily basis. We are good people, always willing to lend a hand to help another. We are honest people, while we want to make the sale, we won’t bend the truth to make a quick buck. We are steadfast, we don’t let one failure change our goal. We are kind, but we are strong. We are Nelson-Jameson.

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