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Does your plant do internal audits? My guess is you are all doing some sort of plant audit, from HACCP to safety programs. One of the newer audit tools available today is the 5S Program to help you organize every area in your plant. This simple, but effective audit can be used in every application, from maintenance, production, all the way down to janitorial needs. Following is the basic principal how the system works:

Sort: Area for unused items and another area for tools and supplies used separately.

Set in Order: Determine what items are needed in your area to perform your job.

Shine: Clean the equipment or supplies you need.

Standardize: Use posters, peg board, and hangers so supplies are always returned to their proper place.

Sustain: Keep the process in order and get workers involved.

This simple approach is a popular tool used in many lean manufacturing environments. Becoming-and-then staying-organized allows plants to convert excess inventory into cash, improve productivity, safety and quality. To learn more, or to discuss how you can implement such a program in your facility, just let me know.

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