Nelson-Jameson Graduate Award for the Advancement of Dairy Food Science

Pictured Above: (left to right) Mat Bartkowiak, Adam Nelson, Maggie Becher, and John Larsen.

This past year, Nelson-Jameson worked with the Center for Dairy Research and the UW-Madison Foundation to establish the “Nelson-Jameson Graduate Award for the Advancement of Dairy Food Science” for graduate students at the CDR. Adam Nelson, Chairman of the Board, and Mathew J. Bartkowiak, Director of Strategic Relationships, recently had the chance to meet with the first-ever recipients and tour the progress of the Babcock Hall Building Project.

Maggie Becher and John Larsen, two current graduate students, were awarded the first round of scholarships. The two yearly $5,000 scholarships will be given to select graduate students working with the Center for Dairy Research at UW-Madison. Students, in good standing, receive $5,000 each year of their two-year master’s program.

Nelson-Jameson is proud to continue to support the important work of the Center for Dairy Research and all they do for the industry. There is great shared alignment in the pursuit of helping the industry to create safe, quality food, and seek out new innovations to push us collectively forward. We are excited to see what important work Maggie and John accomplish in their pathways towards careers in the industry.


A Picture of Mathew J. Bartkowiak, Ph.D.

About Mathew J. Bartkowiak, Ph.D.

Director of Strategic Relationships, Nelson-Jameson, Inc.
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