Helpful Hints for Replacing a pH Electrode

The following list can be helpful when replacing a pH electrode or determining one for your application:

  1. Application or most common product to be tested: All pH electrodes can be used for aqueous solutions. Certain profiles are more suited for semi-solids, cheeses, meats, etc.
  2. Temperature of product: Temperature impacts accuracy. If product is room temperature there is generally no need for an automatic temperature compensator (ATC). For hot and/or cold product an ATC is recommended. ATC’s are either a stand alone sensor or a pH electrode with ATC built-in. Meter manufacturers have different inputs for ATC; manufacturer and model number of meters are required.
  3. Acceptability of glass body electrodes: There are some areas of restriction, generally production areas, where glass-body electrodes would not be advised.

No matter what your application, Nelson-Jameson can help determine the right electrode for the job.  Feel free to call our tech service department (800-826-8302) for further details.

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