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Meet Laura Shinsky

Department Manager – Process Flow Systems

Educational Background: Bachelor in Business Administration

Professional Background: Varied industries—dairy plant, hospital, software company, and retail. Roles included supply chain & purchasing, project management and process improvement.

What brought me to Nelson-Jameson: I have been at Nelson-Jameson for 4-1/2 years. I was an NJ customer previously. I applied for a position at NJ as I was impressed with how professional and responsive the team was.

Career Milestone: My adaptability—I have been able to successfully adapt my skills to different industries.

My motivation to be a leader: I love to improve processes and build teams, helping others to build on their strengths.

My role model: A like-minded previous coworker has been a great sounding board and provides regular input and advice. I have also had two bosses that were a great balance of guiding through problems/details without micro-managing.

My advice for future women in leadership: Be authentic! Also, its important to be a good listener and be willing to learn.

A Picture of Kayla Ostenson

About Kayla Ostenson

Web Marketing Coordinator, Nelson-Jameson, Inc.
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