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Meet Amanda Hill

Assistant Department Manager – MRO

Educational Background: UW-La Crosse, Sociology – Emphasis in Criminal Justice

Professional Background: I was a location manager for a local cooperative for seven years. My husband and I are small business owners: previously owning a trucking company and currently owning a convenience store. My current role for Nelson-Jameson is the Assistant Department Manger in MRO and Product Manager for Building and Facility Maintenance.

What brought you me Nelson-Jameson: I have been with NJ for just shy of four years. Nelson-Jameson has always been a familiar name in my household. My husband and I owned a trucking company and have worked with the NJ logistics team. When I was looking to make a career change, I reflected back on the positive experiences we had with Nelson-Jameson and it’s employees. Those experiences inspired me to apply for a Technical Service Specialist position in the MRO Department.

Career Milestone: When I first considered moving into a Product Manager position, I was intimidated by a segment of the product line I ultimately came to manage. With some encouragement, and sound advice from a coworker who had previous experience with it, I chose to tackle the challenge head on. With a little time, and a lot of hard work, that segment has become the fastest growing, most successful portion of my line. I am grateful for that coworker’s honest and candid words. She warned that it was going to be hard, but if I truly gave it an honest effort, a lot of success and enjoyment could be found within it. She couldn’t have been more right!

My motivation to be a leader:
Oddly enough, when I came to Nelson-Jameson, I was looking to take a step back from leadership. I had a long stretch of holding a leadership position and thought that I wanted to experiment with a career on a different path. As I continued to grow in my role at NJ, I rediscovered that I thrive in leadership environments, and was excited to once again seek out an opportunity in professional leadership within the company.

My role model: Inspiration comes in many forms. My father is the epitome of a logical, independent thinker; while my mother always instilled in us the importance of a strong support system. Nelson-Jameson and it’s leaders are very well aligned with those building blocks. I find myself surrounded every day with additional role models and peers cheering each other on and helping one another reach beyond their goals.

My advice for future women in leadership: It’s important to earn your stripes by learning, understanding, and participating in as many aspects of your business as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or admit you do not know the answer—honesty and transparency will carry you far. Be a good listener and know you are important in any conversation or meeting you are invited to attend. Speak your mind with intelligence and kindness.

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