Celebrating 75 Years of Success

Nelson-Jameson Turns 75

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Nelson-Jameson’s founding. In 1947, Earl Nelson, his father Ted, Herb Jameson and Bob Dougherty founded Nelson-Jameson as a dairy equipment and supply business in Toluca, IL. Their goal was to serve as a comprehensive resource for dairy plants, but they soon discovered that their Illinois location wasn’t ideal. So Ted and Herb studied dairy production maps and relocated the business to Marshfield, WI—the heart of dairy production. Shortly after, Jameson and Dougherty left Nelson-Jameson to pursue other business opportunities, leaving the company in the hands of the Nelson family.

Today, Nelson-Jameson is run by the fourth generation of the Nelson family and continues to grow. The organization has added distribution centers in California, Idaho, Pennsylvania, and Texas, as well as a sales office in Illinois, to meet the needs of its markets. Over the course of 75 years, Nelson-Jameson has expanded its product offerings to meet the needs of food, dairy, and beverage plants—becoming the supplier of choice in all 50 states, as well as many foreign countries.

The Nelson-Jameson Family

Our greatest asset is our employees, and we applaud the passion they bring to our mission and their dedication to the organization. Many of the 200+ individuals employed by Nelson-Jameson have been here for decades. Creating a culture where our people can thrive and feel supported has been essential to our 75 years of growth and success. We asked our employees what they loved most about life at Nelson-Jameson—their answers mentioned our focus on personal and professional growth, a work-life balance, and treating our employees like family.

The Nelsons: front, Susan and John Nelson; back, their daughters, Ann-Marie Nelson Brine and Amanda Nelson Sasse. Not pictured: Adam Nelson, Susan and John’s son.

Our Focus On Our Future

While the food industry has changed over the past seven decades, Nelson-Jameson’s commitment to helping our customers create safe, quality food remains steadfast. As the industry continues to adapt to the evolving demands of today, Nelson-Jameson is proud to be at its helm, providing food processors with products and solutions for the needs of tomorrow.

“The need for accurate and relevant information continues to grow, and Nelson-Jameson will continue to provide transparent communication so that our customers can make the right decisions for their businesses’ needs.”

Dakonya Freis, VP of Marketing & Product Management

The growth of our organization lies with the future leaders of Nelson-Jameson, and we will continue to lay the foundation for their success by providing a work environment that promotes Golden Rule values—the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our co-workers, the industry in which we work, and the communities where we live. It is these values that are the key to the success of the past and the roadmap for future generations to follow. 

“We hope that when we someday hand off the business reins to the fifth generation, we’ve given them the tools necessary to successfully lead Nelson-Jameson into the future—just as our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents did before us.”

Amanda Nelson-Sasse, Co-Owner & VP of Web Development

Continue to follow us on our website and social media, as we celebrate our 75th Anniversary all year!

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  1. april@palmsblvd.com' Dlead says:

    Thanks for sharing this piece, such a great point made there.
    It is important to celebrate success not just for yourself but for showing how you value the work of other people who worked alongside you.

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