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Learn How To Prevent & Mitigate Combustible Dust Hazard

Combustible dust consists of fine particles that can create hazardous conditions in certain environments and can result in catastrophic fires, explosions, or other safety hazards for personnel. Learn how to mitigate dangerous combustible dust directly from the leading experts in dust hazard prevention.

Gain a deeper awareness and knowledge of the combustible dust danger in your industry, by watching our Dust Busters Webinar. You will learn:

What Is A Combustible Dust Explosion?

Site Dust Hazard Assessments

Combustible Dust Mitigation

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Designed for people who assess and manage plant operations including:

Safety Directors, Plant Managers, Quality Control, Production Managers, Environmental Health & Safety Managers, Engineering, Maintenance, Sanitation and Purchasing departments. Perfect for processing facilities, manufacturing plants, and other environments that can generate combustible dust.

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Nelson-Jameson, Inc. Completes Acquisition Of Sitzman Supply, LLC

Strategic Expansion Offers Best-In-Class Solutions
For Food Processors Nationwide

Pictured left to right: Mike Rindy, President; Dawn Sitzman; Brett Sitzman, Senior Advisor – Process Products; Adam Nelson, Chairman of The Board.

Marshfield, WI, April 17, 2023 – Nelson-Jameson, Inc., a leading distributor in the food processing industry, announced the acquisition of Sitzman Supply, LLC, a wholesale provider of process systems products located in Alden, New York. The acquisition is part of a long-term expansion plan that allows Nelson-Jameson to further develop its strategic relationships and offer additional technical sales coverage in the Eastern region.

Mike Rindy, Nelson-Jameson’s President, stated, “Nelson-Jameson is pleased to welcome Sitzman Supply to the family as a part of our national expansion. The synergies will allow us to better serve our customers, and the geographic growth demonstrates our commitment to the Eastern region. This expansion strengthens Nelson-Jameson’s position as an industry leader that delivers supplies quickly, offers technical expertise, and adds additional value for our customers.”

For more than 75 years, Nelson-Jameson, Inc. has been a trusted source of food processing supplies to the food and beverage industry. The Marshfield, Wisconsin headquarters is an innovation center with 100+ specialists ready to support customers with extensive industry knowledge, plant experience, and technical, safety, and regulatory expertise. As a one-stop shop with over 60,000 hand-picked, quality-tested products, Nelson-Jameson consists of five distribution centers, totaling five million cubic feet, and an in-house fleet of trucks to efficiently deliver supplies and professional services to customers nationwide.

Sitzman Supply, LLC, was established in 2003 as a privately-owned company and a wholesale provider of hoses, pumps, valves, and other process systems products. The company is known for its honesty and integrity in supplier and customer relationships, aligning closely with Nelson-Jameson’s “Golden Rule” values. Both teams are keen on collaborating to leverage core competencies and exceed customer expectations.


Food Processing Distributor Nelson-Jameson Announces Expansion of Senior Leadership

Mat Bartkowiak, Shawn Kitchner, Kara Lineal, Kevin Van Ornum, and Devon Vogel fill key management roles

Marshfield, WI | April 3, 2023

The Nelson-Jameson Family of Companies has announced new leadership positions across marketing, sales and operations as part of a companywide expansion. The 75+-year-old family-owned company, known for providing the food and beverage industry with everything they need to manufacture safe, high-quality products, is implementing new strategies to achieve forward-looking goals. By welcoming new leaders and promoting three internal leaders to new positions, the organization will continue its growth trajectory while better serving customers and supporting employees in their career development.  

Two new hires bring extensive experience to Nelson-Jameson’s management team, while three newly promoted leaders will head growth and expansion efforts across their respective areas:  

Mat Bartkowiak – Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Development. Mat is a Nelson-Jameson veteran with multiple years of management experience in the company. As Vice President of Corporate Responsibility & Development, he collaborates with customers and other partners to create programs that contribute to growth, education, and service to the food industry. In addition, he works on areas of industry demand in line with company strategy, including ESG, food safety, and environmental stewardship. 

Shawn Kitchner – Vice President of Operations & Logistics. Shawn’s responsibilities include executive-level leadership for the organization’s operational and trucking activities. In addition, he is responsible for organizing day-to-day warehousing, shipping, receiving, inventory control, and trucking operations while developing and implementing strategic growth plans.  

Kara Lineal – Vice President of Marketing. Kara Lineal fills the newly created Vice President of Marketing position. Kara brings 20+ years of experience and leadership roles at various global retailers, marketing top brands. Kara will develop and implement strategic growth plans, manage integrated B2B marketing efforts, oversee brand management, including internal and external communications, and lead E-commerce and digital initiatives to improve customers’ digital experience.  

Kevin Van Ornum – Vice President of Direct Sales. With more than 12 years of experience in various roles at Nelson-Jameson, Kevin brings deep knowledge of the company’s direct product lines to his position as Vice President of Direct Sales. He manages the Product Department’s strategic supplier and customer relationships and initiatives and oversees the packaging, ingredients, and chemical product lines management team.  

Devon Vogel – Vice President of Customer Solutions. Devon is a Nelson-Jameson “lifer” who began her career at the company in 2009 as an intern and worked her way up to higher roles. As Vice President of Customer Solutions, she is responsible for identifying and leading business development strategies for Nelson-Jameson’s product and service offerings to meet growth goals as well as market and customer demand. In addition, Devon works directly with customers on behalf of the company.  

Nelson-Jameson promotes its designation as a golden-rule company and is focused on maintaining a culture of honesty, integrity, and kindness, and a commitment to operating ethically with respect for people, the community, and the environment.  

About Nelson-Jameson   

Nelson-Jameson is a fourth-generation, family-owned distributor to the food and beverage industry. From the company’s roots in dairy production supplies, it grew to offer a broad range of food processing equipment and services that provide customers with everything they need to manufacture safe, high-quality products. Representing over 850 vendors and distributing over 60,000 products, Nelson-Jameson offers everything from standard equipment to custom production solutions and equipment repair.  The company employs more than 260 people in 5 distribution centers across the United States and at its headquarters in the heart of dairy country in Marshfield, Wisconsin. The dairy industry leader also operates NEXT Logistics, offering delivery services out of its Wisconsin, California, Idaho, Pennsylvania, and Texas distribution centers.   

For more than 75 years, Nelson-Jameson has supported food and dairy processors with products and solutions that keep pace with changing consumer tastes, manufacturing processes, and distribution channels. The company continues to be the supplier of choice for customers in all 50 states and international markets.  For more information, please visit:   

Contact: Karolyn Raphael 
PR for Nelson-Jameson  
(312) 494-0422 

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Class of 2023 • Women In Leadership

Nelson-Jameson is full of motivated, knowledgeable team members and leaders. Among those, we have many women in leadership roles that have greatly influenced their teams and provided a road map for future female leaders. We are honored to introduce you to the Class of 2023 Women In Leadership.

women in leadership

Meet Jessica Dolinsky

Department Manager – Laboratory Products

Educational Background: UW-La Crosse, Bachelor of Science – Biology

Professional Background: After college, I worked at Covance in Madison, WI (now Eurofins) in the Nutritional Chemistry and Food Safety department as an Analytical Chemist. I was also part of their process support program, where I would travel to various customer sights in the US, to assist with material/product testing for new product line start-ups. I took an opportunity with Nelson-Jameson in 2014 as a Technical Sales Manager for the lab team. Since then I have worked in the Product Management/Assistant Department Manager role, and most recently have been promoted to the Department Manager of the Lab Department.

What brought you me Nelson-Jameson: I learned of Nelson-Jameson through a lifelong acquaintance and friend, Cathy Laube. The opportunity as Technical Sales Manager was very appealing to me and aligned well with my background. After witnessing the family culture of the company I was sold and have been with NJ for almost 9 years!

Career Milestone: In 2022, I was recognized as the Joseph Mityas Laboratorian of the Year, by the Wisconsin Laboratory Association. Many of my industry role models received this award before me and receiving the award myself was a very humbling experience.

My motivation to be a leader:
For me, there is a mix of excitement and challenge that comes with leadership. I love being part of a team, where I can help people grow, have fun, and ultimately accomplish our goals together. “Leadership is diving for a loose ball, getting the crowd involved, getting other players involved. It’s being able to take it as well as dish it out. That’s the only way you’re going to get respect from the players.” ~ Larry Bird

My role model: I feel very blessed to say that I have had some of the best role models that have motivated me through my personal life and professional career. Great managers and best-in-class coaches have impacted my life in such a positive way. Of everyone though, my mom is my biggest role model and motivator. She is hardworking, supportive, selfless, strong, sacrificial, beautiful, and full of unconditional love!

My advice for future women in leadership: First, work hard. Second, set your leadership values and goals and strive to stay true to those. Third, talk less and listen more.

Next, Meet Amanda Hill…

Keeping Employee Safety Front of Mind

In April of this year, OSHA – Region V – WI published a Local Emphasis Program (LEP) established for the purpose of scheduling and conducting inspections within the Food Manufacturing Industry (click here for full details.)

The launch of the LEP allows for greater “outreach, education, training, and enforcement activities.” For many reading this, this specific LEP may not pertain to your facility. However, the rationale behind this special program is something that we can appreciate across the food industry. Reminders like this in our busy, hectic schedules can do a lot “to encourage employers to take steps to identify, reduce, and eliminate hazards associated with exposure to machine hazards during production activities, and off-shift sanitation, service, and maintenance tasks.”

Let’s face it, a food processing environment is a tough environment! Between assuring the quality and safety of products, keeping the pumps pumping, the conveyors conveying, and every other facet of running a food plant, another topic centrally unites everything we do—employee safety! This perpetual concern is one that doesn’t take any time off, doesn’t care if we’re having good or bad days, or if turnover has been tough. It’s there, it’s absolutely central, and it’s about actively protecting our people.

When it comes to manufacturing, the US Department of Labor/OSHA cites: “…that food manufacturing injury rates were consistently elevated when compared to the averages for all private Wisconsin companies engaged in manufacturing, with NAICS codes between 311xxx-339xxx.”

Though Wisconsin focused, familiarizing yourself with this LEP is a great opportunity to pause and think about safety in your own facility. What have you seen? Where can you apply more proactive solutions? Do your records reveal gaps that can be filled?

As you negotiate this persistent and central demand, know that we’re here to help.  We understand the challenges food manufacturers face, and have a selection of products and services to specifically address those needs. Worker safety is an area that we know well—From Lockout/Tagout products to dust mitigation, and PPE we’re here to be your partner in ensuring worker safety and well-being.