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ISFET Technology and pH Accuracy

ISFET (Ion-Sensitive Field-Effect Transistor) pH electrodes have been available for quite some time. Nelson-Jameson customers engaged in Food Processing need to be aware that a bias associated with ISFET and food samples is commonly observed. In many cases, they do not generate the same results as traditional electrodes that incorporate glass for pH sensing. At […]

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Increased Raw Milk Sales: Good or Bad?

Irregardless of our personal opinions this is certainly an issue of spirited debate, having many implications involving food safety, free market concerns, product availability to satisfy consumer demand, cash-flow for dairy producers, etc. The debate is settled for now with our Governor’s recent veto to allow expansion of sales, however committees and industry experts will […]

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Helpful Hints for Replacing a pH Electrode

The following list can be helpful when replacing a pH electrode or determining one for your application: Application or most common product to be tested: All pH electrodes can be used for aqueous solutions. Certain profiles are more suited for semi-solids, cheeses, meats, etc. Temperature of product: Temperature impacts accuracy. If product is room temperature […]

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Tricks of the Trade – pH Electrodes

Many food processing companies store pH electrodes as spares for those that are currently in service.  This program works well to ensure testing can continue in the event an electrode has exhausted its usable life, or if a situation such as breakage occurs. One drawback of this practice is that there are several styles of […]

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Standard Methods for Quality Results

Even in lean economic times, Nelson-Jameson’s lab products continue to sell. One reason is our adherence to sourcing high quality equipment and supplies.  Another is we have a strong focus on carrying products that are referred to in specific tests found in Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products.  Standard Methods is a “bible” […]

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