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Tech Tip: Tips for Smooth-Running pH Testing

Pick the right meter. A pH meter with more than minimum requirements may be the better option. Product requirements and regulations change with time. Meters with advanced features will allow for a wider range of testing and documentation of results. Know the basics. The meter’s algorithm and displayed value expresses the amount of potential difference between […]

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Measuring Water Activity

Did you know that water activity is not the same thing as moisture content? According to the UC-Davis Dairy Research and Information Center: “Although moist foods are likely to have greater water activity than are dry foods, this is not always so; in fact a variety of foods may have exactly the same moisture content […]

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Salt Reduction Trends in Food Protection

Salt (sodium chloride) has its own familiar taste and is classified as one of the five basic tastes (sweet, salt, sour, bitter and umami). Salt enhances flavors, particularly in savory foods such as chocolate and suppresses bitterness. Reduction or removal may make foods bland and unappetizing. Salt also plays a major role in food safety. […]

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Choosing the Right Balance & Scale

Results of a recent survey appearing in the March 2011 issue of Laboratory Equipment magazine revealed the following: When the opportunity to replace or add a new scale or balance appears, a wide range of product characteristics are considered, with cost not being the over-riding concern. By far, the most desired characteristics are accuracy, reliability […]

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Chloride Analyzer Sales up Dramatically

At Nelson-Jameson, we try our best to answer our customer questions efficiently and correctly. Below is an important question about Chloride Analyzers which should be considered by our food industry audience. Customer Question:  Why has there been strong demand recently for the Nelson-Jameson M926 Chloride Analyzer? Nelson-Jameson’s Answer:  Salt is the largest source of added […]

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