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Director of Technical Sales, Nelson-Jameson, Inc.

Secure Products with Nelson-Jameson Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is a critical component for securing your products for the all-important journey to your customers. Stretch wrap is easily overlooked during busy day-to-day schedules of food manufacturing, but taking the time to review your usage and applications can save time and money. Stretch wrap manufacturing technology improves every year. For years 20″ wide […]

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Tech Tip: Packaging Film

The world of food grade packaging films is a colorful and complicated one. There is no end to the options and variables. At the end of the day there are two main categories: Barrier and Non-Barrier films. Non-Barrier Films The simpler and less costly option of the two. While there are many different potential components, LLDPE linear low density polyethylene is probably the […]

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