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Differentiating Filters and Strainers

Have you ever asked yourself, what is the difference between a filter and a strainer? Here we will take a look at each item individually and show how they stack up against one another. First, let’s define each: • A strainer removes large particle from liquid in the line to protect downstream processing equipment such […]

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From the Learning Center: Valve Selection

Nelson-Jameson has a wide variety of valves to offer our customers. The following list presents some criteria to help identify a suitable valve for a given application or service: Fluid Service The type of fluid, whether it is a gas, liquid, slurry, clean, abrasive, etc… determines the type of valves to be chosen. The chemistry of the fluid service determines the material […]

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Tech Tip: Pump Cavitation

Centrifugal pump cavitation can be described as the formation and eventual collapse or implosion of vapor bubbles inside a pump. A primary cause for cavitation is inadequate net positive suction head available (NPSHa). Poor NPSH leads to lower liquid pressure in the pump and if pressure in the eye of the impeller falls below the […]

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Pumps & Valves 101

Pumps and valves are the hearts and lungs of a dairy processing plant. They control the flow of fluid milk, cheese curds, ice cream mix, and other dairy products through a facility. Pumps move ingredients from vats to fillers and valves direct liquids to a line and allow for cleaning. Choosing the right equipment for a given application […]

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