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Tech Tip: Preventive Maintenance for Insect Electrocutors

Setting up a Preventive Maintenance Program for your insect electrocutors is the best way to ensure that your units are working to their full potential. Ideally, you would choose a month each year for your PM program to be done on the units. It is suggested that this is in the beginning of the year […]

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Pest Control in the Food Industry

When you hear about pest control in the food industry, one of the most common forms you hear about are insects. Depending on your geographic location, insects can be a problem year round, or rather be an extreme issue in the Spring of the year when the climate is prone to producing the proper temperatures […]

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Expanding Knowledge With Training Seminars

Last month, after traveling 900 miles I ended up in a small Pennsylvania community reminiscent of our Central Wisconsin. Morgantown is home to the U.S. headquarters of Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums. I had the opportunity to spend three days with a variety of Nilfisk employees to expand my technical, application, and quoting knowledge during an industrial […]

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Packaging: Unwrapping What’s New in the Industry

As a distributor of packaging supplies, it’s important for us to keep up with new trends and information. The February 2011 edition of Prepared Foods features an editorial called “Nutritional Packaging Ratings and Goals”.  It discusses how the Institute of Medicine issued a report in October 2010 discussing the advantages and disadvantages of current front-of-packaging […]

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The Food Industry is Changing-Are You Informed?

Times are changing and so is the food industry. After reading, “Food is Changing in 2011” by Diane Troops and Dave Fusaro, it made me realize the massive amounts of progress and projects that have occurred in the food industry lately. Here is a list of the on-goings that Troops and Fusaro brought to light. […]

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