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Winter Shipping Guidelines

With winter no doubt closing in on the Midwest, we need to keep in mind that at times when temperatures are too low Nelson-Jameson will not be able to ship items that cannot be allowed to freeze, which could compromise the integrity/performance of the product.The guidelines that will be followed are:   When the daytime […]

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Water Savings and Effective Cleaning? Full Steam Ahead!

Steam: this is not really a topic most would like to think about as the temperature climbs. However, it is a topic you may want to take note of though for the next few moments, as it could affect your bottom line this summer and beyond. Steam cleaning is a powerful method used to combat […]

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Tech Tip: Pump Backplates

Not sure what size backplate is on your C-Series pump? It’s right in the description! The third number is the backplate diameter in inches. 114 pump – 4” backplate 216 pump – 6” backplate 328 pump – 8” backplate 4410 pump – 10” backplate For more information on our Sanitary Pumps, visit our website or call […]

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Tech Tip: Pump Seals

All pumps have seals, but not all seals are the same. Alfa Laval LKH seals are the ultimate design for cleanability, maintainability, and versatility – resulting in the highest quality seal, with lowest cost of ownership: • Single external seal is the cleanest solution in pump sealing available. • Seal wear is always kept out […]

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Tech Tip: Discharge Hoses

Thinking of using a discharge hose without a wire to reduce the weight of large hoses? The drawback is that the weight of the hose can cause it to flatten out a little, creating opportunities for the hose to bend and kink. Also, if a CIP cycle is run through a hose that has a bend in it, the heat […]

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