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Class of 2023 • Women In Leadership

Nelson-Jameson is full of motivated, knowledgeable team members and leaders. Among those, we have many women in leadership roles that have greatly influenced their teams and provided a road map for future female leaders. We are honored to introduce you to the Class of 2023 Women In Leadership.

women in leadership

Meet Jessica Dolinsky

Department Manager – Laboratory Products

Educational Background: UW-La Crosse, Bachelor of Science – Biology

Professional Background: After college, I worked at Covance in Madison, WI (now Eurofins) in the Nutritional Chemistry and Food Safety department as an Analytical Chemist. I was also part of their process support program, where I would travel to various customer sights in the US, to assist with material/product testing for new product line start-ups. I took an opportunity with Nelson-Jameson in 2014 as a Technical Sales Manager for the lab team. Since then I have worked in the Product Management/Assistant Department Manager role, and most recently have been promoted to the Department Manager of the Lab Department.

What brought you me Nelson-Jameson: I learned of Nelson-Jameson through a lifelong acquaintance and friend, Cathy Laube. The opportunity as Technical Sales Manager was very appealing to me and aligned well with my background. After witnessing the family culture of the company I was sold and have been with NJ for almost 9 years!

Career Milestone: In 2022, I was recognized as the Joseph Mityas Laboratorian of the Year, by the Wisconsin Laboratory Association. Many of my industry role models received this award before me and receiving the award myself was a very humbling experience.

My motivation to be a leader:
For me, there is a mix of excitement and challenge that comes with leadership. I love being part of a team, where I can help people grow, have fun, and ultimately accomplish our goals together. “Leadership is diving for a loose ball, getting the crowd involved, getting other players involved. It’s being able to take it as well as dish it out. That’s the only way you’re going to get respect from the players.” ~ Larry Bird

My role model: I feel very blessed to say that I have had some of the best role models that have motivated me through my personal life and professional career. Great managers and best-in-class coaches have impacted my life in such a positive way. Of everyone though, my mom is my biggest role model and motivator. She is hardworking, supportive, selfless, strong, sacrificial, beautiful, and full of unconditional love!

My advice for future women in leadership: First, work hard. Second, set your leadership values and goals and strive to stay true to those. Third, talk less and listen more.

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