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Spring Pest Control

A pest control plan is necessary within all food processing facilities. The key to controlling pests is through prevention, defense, and management measures. As warmer weather approaches, it is the perfect time to check your insect electrocutor units to make sure they are working properly, and to do an annual bulb change. This is also a prime time to review your overall pest control program.

We know controlling pests is a challenge. This is why we have a diverse line of Pest Control Products. From insect elimination products and insecticides, to foggers and rodent control—we have everything you need to help keep pests out of your plant.

Another essential part of any pest control program is using the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE will ensure your clothing and skin are protected when handling chemicals. Nelson-Jameson has a full line of Safety and PPE Products, including: head and face protection, gloves, respirators, and shoe covers.

To discuss your pest control needs contact one of our Product Specialists today!


Partnering to Drive Food Safety

Nelson-Jameson is a proud member of the Innovation Center for US Dairy. The Center and its members have a common goal “to advance a shared social responsibility platform and demonstrate U.S. dairy’s collective commitment to provide the world responsibly produced dairy foods that nourish people, strengthen communities and foster a sustainable future.”

Nelson-Jameson and the Center have a combined passion for furthering food safety in our nation. Recently, the Center published a terrific food safety resource for the dairy industry that includes numerous Spanish language materials. Resources to take advantage of include: interactive training courses for artisan ice cream and cheesemakers, food safety plan writing assistance, training support, pathogen guidance documents, and much more. 

The document’s publication is a reflection of the partnerships between organizations like Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, the American Cheese Society, the North American Ice Cream Association, International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), and numerous other stakeholders to bring educational materials and information to the forefront. Food safety isn’t a competitive advantage…it’s our collective responsibility. Check out the document here and please feel free to share!

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