Monthly Archives: April 2020

Color of the Year at Nelson-Jameson

For the past 20 years, Pantone has selected a trendsetting color to set the style tone for the upcoming year. This Color of the Year designation serves as creative inspiration for stylists, artists, and designers. They look to incorporate the chosen color into aspects of their work, as well as their lives. This year, the Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue. At Nelson-Jameson, our interest in this year’s color goes beyond just the physical characteristics of Classic Blue. Blue is a strong part of our brand—both in style and the feelings connected with its appearance. We are proud to display the Color of the Year not just in 2020, but in our past, present, and future. 

Pantone chose Classic Blue to set the mood as we flip the page into a new decade. Blue is a great selection because it represents stability amidst a world of uncertainty. The color is associated with solidity, dependability, and loyalty. From an emotional standpoint, blue is seen as calming and serene–––encouraging us to grow our mindset through deeper thinking which is important now more than ever. As we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Color of the Year serves as a great reminder for us to remain calm and confident while hoping for a stable future.

Nelson-Jameson chose blue to represent our brand for many of the same reasons that Pantone chose it as the Color of the Year. We take pride in our industry expertise and trusted reputation—striving for strong connections and resilient communication. As the world races around us, blue grounds us to peace and protection while encouraging forward-thinking. Nelson-Jameson is excited to connect with you in the new decade. Your safe, quality food is our business, and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Pepper Prerogatives

Do you like things spicy? Are you prone to throw a bit (or a lot) of pepperjack on your sandwich to remind you you’re alive? Maybe the mild burn isn’t enough for you…maybe you want to take your taste buds to the edge, shaking the very fabric of common sense, by combining ghost pepper cheese and that cracker?  For those looking to add a bit of “pep” with your pepper, to those aiming to melt their very consciousnesses, Nelson-Jameson is a progressive enabler of the peppery American palate.  

Working together with another family-owned company, EDCO Food Products, Nelson-Jameson hauls approximately 20 truckloads of peppers up to Wisconsin every month. Those peppers are distributed to food processors throughout the nation, including many cheesemakers. While perennial favorites like jalapeno peppers help to fill those trucks up, the American palate for heat also ensures that plenty of habaneros, jalapeno puree, Bhut Jolokia/ghost peppers (among others) join them for the ride up north to Marshfield, WI to be distributed nationally.

The peppers are grown and processed near Chihuahua, Mexico for maximum taste and freshness. Put into a brine, the pecks and pecks of peppers come in pails, drums, and totes that are then used by food manufacturers in everything from cheese to beverages. Once limited to milder varieties in a select few products, the American consumer is now demanding hotter and hotter products of all different kinds.           

So, the next time you open the fridge to add some spice in your life, know that Nelson-Jameson and EDCO are working closely to ensure you can stay an active citizen in Scoville and beyond. We’ll keep the trucks running so you can keep your sinuses open and your sense of adventure just a slice of cheese away. For companies looking to spice up their offerings with peppers, you can contact one of our ingredient specialists at