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Tech Tip: Identifying Equipment

When purchasing a pump, tank, or valve, also purchase an inexpensive engraver, and engrave the model and serial number in an alternate location that is more visible than the nameplate. Not only will it be easier to see, but when the nameplates become unreadable you will have an alternate area for that information, or you can engrave an aluminum tag and chain it to the said item.

The point being, model and serial numbers often fade or become unreadable with age, having an additional spot on the piece of equipment will make life easier when it comes to identifying that item in the future.

Get Informed at WLA

headerNext month, the Wisconsin Laboratory Association (WLA) will be hosting the 39th Annual Educational Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Madison, Wisconsin. As always, the two days will be filled with the most current, important topics that QA and Technical Managers, Laboratory Technicians and anyone involved within the food industry are discussing and need to become more informed about. Click here for agenda and speakers listing.

There will also be approximately 20 exhibitors on-hand that understand laboratory and QA needs and can provide the products that will help make your job more efficient with the newest and best technology available.

WLA’s reputation is that of one of the best educational organizations available to us in the state of Wisconsin! Invest in two of the most informational days you can by joining us September 16 & 17 in Madison. We will be featuring our color-coded products, including the new UST brushes & brooms; data loggers, allergen test kits, 3M Petrifilm and more!

Register here today:

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A Little Bit of Help is Poultry in Motion

Cornelius and Rajun Cajun, two of Kiel’s birds, explore outside their coop.

Source: USDA

Small poultry, meat, and processed egg product businesses, do you know there is a free resource out there to help you negotiate/understand food safety concerns and other USDA-related topics? Since 2009, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has been operating a Help Desk for small operators.

One can either call the Help Desk at 1-877-FSISHELP (1-877-374-7435) or email the help desk at: . Those using the Help Desk can expect that:

“FSIS staff will assess callers’ requests and provide information and guidance materials that best meet their needs. In situations where the answer is not readily available, the staff will research the issue and follow-up with the caller. As appropriate, the help-desk will provide a portal to other services, such as AskFSIS, FSIS’ existing internet service offering official agency responses to inquiries on agency policy.”

Whether asking questions about federal regulations or searching out best practices, the Help Desk is meant to be an open forum for small operators to reach out to for the assistance they may need. As one Help Desk source described, “They are not there to pass judgement—their goal is to understand your issue and do what they can to help you resolve it.”

To learn more about the Help Desk and to access a collection of resources directed at small operations, click here.

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Keeping Your Cool This Summer

hot worker

Source: E-Cooline

Staying cool during the summer months can often be a challenge. Keeping employees cool and comfortable during the day is very important.

At Nelson-Jameson, we have many cooling aids to help employees beat the heat in even the hottest food processing facilities. Cooling products include headband/neck wraps, bandanas, hard hat sweatbands, cooling towels, and hat/cap liners. Simply immerse them in cold water for 5-15 minutes, and stay cool all day.

Another option is a cooling vest which features four pockets for cooling inserts. The Feather Ice Inserts are reusable packs that stay cold three times longer than ice.

Look for our Sqwincher™ drink mixes, which provide the optimal combination of fluids and electrolytes to keep your employees hydrated. They are perfect for hot, humid food processing environments.

To learn more, or to order these cooling aids, contact our Customer Service team today or visit

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