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The Science of Sweep

UST2It is quite easy to go through the day without taking a second look or give a second thought to the brushes we may use in our food industry operations or in our homes. Considering the vigorous workouts that we give our brushes, and the harsh conditions we expose them to, these workhorses are probably, at best, considered a basic tool with a basic function. Yet, the brushes we utilize today in industrial and domestic realms are the result of continuously morphing science and engineering standards.

For instance, filaments, the frontline soldiers in scouring, are put under a great deal of constant duress. In order to ensure that filaments (which can be made of several different materials, including polyester and polypropylene) don’t shed like needles from a dry Christmas tree, various settings have been developed to both allow durability and reflect standards of sanitary practice.

For basic cleaning, filaments have been traditionally set in with staples. Filaments are held in place, allowing for a level of durability and the ability to retain the filaments. However useful, staple-set brushes, because of their setting do permit small pieces of debris to get caught within the setting and may allow the growth of potential bacteria that get caught there. Such general-use brushes may work within certain circumstances; yet, they present some issues when contending with ensuring sanitary standards in food industry environments.

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Love, Loyalty, Friendship, and All Things Irish

claddaghAs my Grandfather was very proud to be part Irish, St. Patrick’s Day was always a special holiday to me. I wore the claddaugh ring (symbolizing love, loyalty, and friendship) most of my life. I’m not so much a fan of traditional Irish food, but I sure love fried cabbage and Guinness is my beer of choice.

I figured if I like the beer, I should learn a little more about the company itself. It got it’s start when Arthur Guinness (his signature is on the label) signed a 9,000 year lease on an empty brewery at St. James Gate in Dublin in 1759. It’s been around for a little over 250 years. It amazes me that this predates our country’s official birthdate.

Recently, I came across a young adult book at the library, Black Potatoes: the story of the great Irish famine, 1845-1850 by Susan Bartoletti. I’m always up for learning, and really knew nothing about the Irish Potato Famine. In the book, it described in detail the hard lives the Irish led during these years and the loss of approximately 25% of the population due to starvation and emigration.

I had to put the book down a few times because it was such a hard story to read and imagine my ancestors possibly experiencing these conditions. It amazed me again that Guinness was around long before the famine and has no signs of going anywhere anytime soon, with only 8,744 years left on their lease.

What does this have to do with Nelson-Jameson? A lot of things. Like Guinness, the foundation has been laid for this company to thrive for many years into the future. Like the Irish, we are hardworking people that can endure. We may have strong years and lean years, but we aren’t afraid to put in the hard work to make sure that NJ is able to do what we need to do to be successful. We are constantly evaluating and improving our systems and processes to make us leaner, stronger, and more efficient on a daily basis. We are good people, always willing to lend a hand to help another. We are honest people, while we want to make the sale, we won’t bend the truth to make a quick buck. We are steadfast, we don’t let one failure change our goal. We are kind, but we are strong. We are Nelson-Jameson.

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The Constant Student: The Importance of Continuing Education in the Food Industry

Books and appleBenjamin Franklin is famously quoted as saying, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” In the food industry, this old adage is put to the test each time consumers open up a food product or sit down for a meal. The ability to create a safe and high-quality product demands critical thought, innovation, vigilance, and a willingness to seek out best practices. The return on this investment comes in creating a product one can be proud of and in protecting the best interests and health of one’s customers.

Yet, making sense of regulations, rules, and best practices can be somewhat daunting for the average producer. Small and medium-sized operations especially may view something as comprehensive as the Food Safety Modernization Act as an imposing and confusing path they are not sure how to navigate. So, how can one balance the want for excellence with these sometimes seemingly overwhelming demands placed on food industry interests? Simply put, the best weapon against being overwhelmed comes through education.

Nelson-Jameson is working with Cherney Microbiological Services to provide accessible educational opportunities for operations of all sizes and levels of experience. This April 21st-22nd, consider taking part in “Sanitation and Environmental Monitoring Essentials,” a course for employees involved in facility control programs where attendees will learn about food microbiology, sanitation, and environmental programs in an interactive environment. The course will be held in Green Bay, Wisconsin and an early registration discount is available through March 25th ($1195 early or $1295 after March 25th).

Contact us for additional information or to learn more about the course. We would like to know your ideas/thoughts on needed topics that you would like to see addressed in future courses and/or training opportunities, leave a reply in the comments section below or contact us at

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Tech Tip: Pump Seals

All pumps have seals, but not all seals are the same. Alfa Laval LKH seals are the ultimate design for cleanability, maintainability, and versatility – resulting in the highest quality seal, with lowest cost of ownership:

• Single external seal is the cleanest solution in pump sealing available.
• Seal wear is always kept out of the product.
• Front loading seal allows for quick onsite seal change.
• Only two seals are needed to support the entire LKH pump range.
• Easy upgrade to flushed or double seal.
• Rapid seal change without requiring a reshimming of the pump.

Contact Technical Services at 800-826-8302 with your application details, or your account manager for an on-site product demo.

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