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Avoid “Blech” Friday: Carefully Handle the Leftovers!

Source: Food Network

Source: Food Network

In our house, there are two camps when “Black Friday” hits: the “Dedicated Shoppers” and, those like myself, the “Thanks, I’m Not Giving Up” eaters.

The “Thanks, I’m Not Giving Up,” population, still basking in the glory of the stomach-stuffing of the previous day, shuns leaving the home in favor of recreating the glory of Thanksgiving though various helpings of leftovers throughout the day. Often, this is done in a traditional wardrobe of elastic-waist fleece pants and a hooded sweatshirt. In such regalia, the following exchanges may take place (in one’s head):

Q: “Would I like a mound of reheated green bean casserole?”
A: “Please…I think it only gets better on the second day!”

Q: “Care for some stuffing reanimated with a healthy dose of leftover gravy?”
A: “Well, it is the holiday season…”

Q: “Can I fit the rest of the turkey leftovers into one sandwich?”
A: “Well, I suppose everyone else ate while they were out shopping…”

Much like with Black Friday shoppers, it pays to plan, my fellow “Thanks, I’m Not Giving Up” eaters! As soon as Thanksgiving is over, start thinking strategy! To avoid making it a “Blech Friday,” (the natural enemy of seasonal reheat-aficionados) consider some of these tips from Diane Van, Food Safety Education Staff Deputy Director of the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service:

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Identifying Allergens Is Key

AllergyRecently our Technical Director Fritz Buss was interviewed for an article on allergen management in Quality Assurance & Food Safety

In the article Buss stated, “the first challenge is identifying the allergens…that are present in their facilities.” Once the allergens are identified, color-coded products can be implemented to prevent cross contamination.

Many new guidelines and requirements are being put in place to regulate processors and aid in allergen management. Starting December 13, 2014 the United Kingdom will have a new Allergen Labeling Rule put in effect, which requires manufacturers to declare 14 major allergens compared to the United States’ “Big 8” (Milk, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat and Soy).

Click here to read the complete article. For more information on color-coded products, see our Color-Coded Products page on

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Don’t Get Pinned Down By Norovirus This Winter

graphic_970pxThe June issue of the CDC’s Vital Signs discusses the disturbing fact, that when it comes to norovirus: “…the amount of virus particles that fit on the head of a pin would be enough to infect more than 1000 people.” Not only that, but this tough contender can withstand freezing, as well as temperatures up to 140˚F; it causes 19-21 million illnesses in the United States alone; and it holds the championship belt for being the “most common cause of foodborne-disease outbreaks in the United States”!

However, norovirus does not have to prevail this winter (a time when the illness frequently shows up). One simple, but very effective treatment is out there that can limit the spread of norovirus: hand-washing. Though it may be common knowledge for folks working in the food industry, it’s good for us to take a step back and remind ourselves of the significant responsibility we play in preventing the spread of norovirus. A massive 70% of contaminated (norovirus) food outbreaks are caused by infected food workers. With the virus’s ability to live and thrive in numerous environments, hand-washing is our best way to say “no” to norovirus all year long.

…and Nelson-Jameson is here to do our part!   That’s why we have compiled a wide line of hand hygiene products meant to take on the challenge.  Our selection of soaps, signage, hand dryers, and towels are there to assist in the struggle to contain this formidable opponent.  We even offer Glo-Germ products, meant to help in training/demonstrating proper hand-washing techniques to employees.   Call us for more information or to get a copy of our “Hand Hygiene Products” catalog.

To check out more about the importance of hand-washing, check out this site from the CDC concerning how “Clean Hands Save Lives,” or our Learning Center article on Hand Hygiene.

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Tech Tip: Ice Melt Application Tips


Icy sidewalks and driveways will be here soon. Here are some helpful tips to remember when using ice melt this winter.

Use it!
Whether it is in an effort to save money or time, skipping ice melt means that you are setting yourself up for  slippery sidewalks, entryways and parking lots. This could be an expensive mistake for your company.

Don’t use too much
Evenly spread application is essential for optimal melt. Applying ice melt using a spreader ensures even application, while scoops and shovels are most common, they can cause overuse or piling in areas.

Know when to apply
Todd Spencer, former National Sales Manager for North American Salt, is quoted saying “pre-application is ideal as an initial deterrent before the snow falls, though it is often difficult to predict necessity.” Ice melt must be applied on the ground/ice for it to be effective, not on a pile of snow.

For more information on ice melt products available at Nelson-Jameson call 800-826-8302 or visit our website.

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