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Tech Tip: Conditioning New pH Electrodes

3580100Many pH electrodes are shipped with the electrodes moist. Prior to using your electrode for the first time it needs to be conditioned. While it is always best to refer to the manufacturer instructions for proper electrode conditioning, below are three common recommended steps for conditioning your electrode:

1. Remove the protective cap or bottle from the bottom of the sensor and rinse the electrode with distilled or deionized water and blot with a Kimwipe.

2. Place the electrode in a beaker containing one of the liquids listed below (in order of ionic ability to condition the electrode.) Soak for 20 minutes.
• 3.0 M KCI
• 4.0 pH buffer
• 7.0 pH buffer

Note: Never condition or store a pH electrode in water – long term exposure to purified water will damage the special glass membrane.

3.  After conditioning the sensor for 20 minutes, rinse the electrode with distilled or deionized water and blot with a Kimwipe. The electrode is now ready for calibration and to measure pH.

For more information, see our selection of electrodes on our website or contact our Customer Service Department at 800-826-8302.

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Tech Tip: Choosing Hearing Protection

Every day, employees are subjected to loud noises at their workplace. It is up to the employer to supply appropriate hearing protection and implement a hearing protection program if noise levels exceed 85 decibels measured with a Time Weighted Average (TWA.)

The hearing protection used will vary greatly depending on the environment, noise levels and personal preference. It is necessary to offer options that all meet your company’s program requirements.

1005602Basic hearing protection can be broken down into three choices: earplugs, semi-aural, and earmuffs.

Earplugs are placed inside the ear canal, and there are two options: Disposable or reusable, and both come in either corded or uncorded versions.

Semi-aural protection is a banded product that can easily be taken off and on. It caps off the ear canal and typically offers a lower protection level than plugs.

Ear muffs are available in many options that involve cushions that fit over the entire ear.

When it comes down to it, it is the employer’s responsibility to supply the hearing protection and your employee’s responsibility to wear it. For more information on Noise Reduction Ratings, see our Learning Center. To view our selection of hearing protection, visit our website.

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A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been…

1z3j0jvKm5CzkEfYjI5TKfvARvKTHPhUtf8njoG9QAZWHwy8A year or so ago, I was sitting comfortably in a classroom proctoring an exam. Freshly tenured, a few books and articles written, and now an associate professor in the humanities, I should have been feeling pretty content. My former Ph.D. student self would have thought so…yet, my mind was wandering. As students filled out their exams on film history, I couldn’t help but ponder what necessary standards potentially were used for the bottled iced coffee with milk beverage that I was drinking that evening. How was the milk procured? What did their facility look like where they brought these ingredients all together? Did they monitor temperature during transport? Was it properly handled when it was shelved at the convenience store? How had pH levels been monitored throughout the process?

Yes, this would just seem like neurosis to many; however, there was something more going on…The past five years I had been doing research and writing for Nelson-Jameson on the side, in the hopes of filling in some economic gaps left by my then current position. Over the course of those several years, my research heavily focused on food safety and quality control/assurance. Far from neurosis, the clouds parted that night when I realized I was staring into the face of a passion that had developed (no, not an appreciation of iced coffee), the want to help provide a safe, quality food supply.

I suppose slowly, the research methodologies and patterns of critical thought/engagement I was so comfortable with in my work at the university, seeped into pursuing this topic. Yet, I had never seen this path coming. So when I had the opportunity afforded to me to continue on this trail as a manager of the Laboratory Products area, I jumped on it.

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Where the “Rock Stars” of Cheesemaking Meet

CheeseShowBooth2014Two weeks prior to the International Cheese Technology Expo I was speaking with a customer  from New Mexico when I asked if they would be making the trip to Wisconsin to attend. I was pretty excited when they confirmed that they would be there.

Its not very often that I see my customers since I work from our headquarters in Wisconsin. This show of all cheese shows is where Nelson-Jameson has the largest opportunity to see their customers. And build on our relationships.

Maybe ICTE should be re-named “Cheese-a-Palooza” because this is where the rock stars of the cheesemaking world meet. Everyone knows everyone; there is a lot of back-slapping, hugging, and congratulating going on. Attendees are cultivating their relationships with their peers.

Nelson-Jameson attends this show with a pretty simplified booth. You don’t see hoses draped over the display or color-coded items pinned up or the M926 running samples. What you do see is information about when the new catalog will be ready; Nelson-Jameson line cards; bottled water to offer our customers; a sitting area for our customers to relax after walking the floor for hours.

We take relationships with our customers seriously and look forward to offering that personal touch or technical service. Nelson-Jameson is more than just a pretty catalog.

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