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“Clear Solution” for Working with Hot Glass

Recently, a customer asked if all our Pyrex® lab glassware was made of borosilicate glass. The reason for his concern was he had read an article in Popular Science that some Pyrex® glassware upon heating liquids too rapidly, can shatter and break.

I am sure you have heard it may not be safe to boil water in the microwave due to this reason. The glass on the inside expands when it gets hot, putting stress on the cold glass on the outside (or vice versa). When the stress becomes too great – it cracks.

Pyrex®, which originally was always made of borosilicate glass, by Corning, solved the problem by adding boron to the silica (quartz), the main ingredient in all glass. Boron changes the atomic structure of glass so it stays roughly the same size regardless of its temperature. Little thermal expansion means little stress. Thus borosilicate glass withstands heat.

The majority of our lab glassware we offer at Nelson-Jameson is supplied by Corning (Pyrex®) or Kimble (Kimax®); therefore both Pyrex® and Kimax® are made of heat resistant, borosilicate glass. You can rest assured that if you see Pyrex® or Kimax® on beakers, flasks, funnels, graduated cylinders, culture and centrifuge tubes they are heat resistant and safe. Anytime you see borosilicate glass on any other of our glass products, they, too, are safe for high heat applications.

Choosing the Right Balance & Scale

Results of a recent survey appearing in the March 2011 issue of Laboratory Equipment magazine revealed the following:

When the opportunity to replace or add a new scale or balance appears, a wide range of product characteristics are considered, with cost not being the over-riding concern. By far, the most desired characteristics are accuracy, reliability and ease-of-use, followed by capacity, precision and price. Performance, features, supplier reputation and manufacturer brand are also considered when making a purchase decision. About 30% of survey respondents indicated they planned to purchase a new scale or balance within two years.

Nelson-Jameson partners with reputable balance and scale manufacturers to provide products of lasting value. We provide a wide range of scales for nearly every application in every industry. And, our commitment to serving customers after the sale provides the right ‘balance’ for your lab and process area requirements.

A New Website is Born!

As a new mom, I know all about anticipation and waiting for someone’s arrival. When our daughter was born, I was amazed how a tiny baby could change our world. Every little thing she did was miraculous to us, even if it wasn’t a big deal to others. I am so excited to “show her off” like she is the only baby in the world!

I was almost as eager to have the new launch last week. It may seem like a small aspect of a business, but we think it is a big deal! Excuse the pun, but there was a lot of “labor” that went into the creation of the new website.

Just like the milestones of a baby, we are impressed with our new features – Learning Center, The Wide Line Blog, and enhanced shopping site. Consider this blog, a birth announcement – I invite you to visit our site and watch it grow!