Monthly Archives: November 2010

From FISA “Princess” to First Female Board Member

“My name is Amanda Sasse, and I’m a Nelson.” That may sound like the kind of opening one makes when joining a group similar to AA, but it’s actually an introductory phrase that I’ve uttered more than once in the last year and a half since joining Nelson-Jameson as an outside salesperson. I’ve managed to “fly under the radar” with most of my customers, but my genetics have betrayed me in other company-related affairs such as Nelson-Jameson board meetings, trade shows and, as I’ve recently experienced, FISA membership.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the annual FISA (Food Industry Suppliers Association) conference in Charleston, South Carolina. FISA is a trade organization that was founded over 50 years ago, and membership includes both independent distributors and manufacturers that go to market through distributors. Current members operate in many industries in which sanitation and high-purity is stressed, such as the food, beverage, pharmacy, bio-pharm, and personal care industries. Currently, there are more than 110 member companies. Continue reading