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Sun, Surf, and Sanitary Supplies

A few weeks ago, I attended the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) show in Orlando. The warm weather sure felt great, but most of my time was spent exploring the show floor. The many Janitorial/Sanitation manufacturers had exhibits showing off their newest products and programs.

I spent a large part of my time meeting with our current suppliers seeing what new products were coming out and discussing how we can better serve our customers. I saw new color-coding items which will help improve HACCP programs (including lots of orange items!), additions to the GOJO product offering, new paper dispensing options, ‘green cleaning’ tools, and the list goes on….

While walking the show I was also able to visit with other manufacturers that we currently do not do business with – but may someday. I was able to see what is new on the market to see if there was a fit in our industry.

As Product Managers at Nelson Jameson, we are always trying to keep up with industry trends to offer you, our customer, the latest products to make doing your job easier. And, as always if you are looking for something, please let us know and we’ll do our best to track it down. Or, it could possibly end up being the next new product we roll out.

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Recent Mercury Ban in Wisconsin

On November 1, 2010 the state of Wisconsin established a ban on the sale and distribution of certain mercury containing devices. Some mercury items that the food and dairy industries use within their plants and labs listed in Wisconsin Act 44 are; hydrometers, psychrometers, and all mercury (non-fever) thermometers. Businesses still have the ability to use their currently owned mercury items, they just cannot purchase replacement or new mercury devices. Currently California, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island are states that have mercury regulations in place regarding the same ban that Wisconsin has just adopted.

Businesses have the ability to file an exemption with the DNR if “a technically feasible alternative does not exist at comparable prices”. 

We at Nelson-Jameson have a non-mercury alternative for all mercury devices that are needed within labs and processing facilities.

If you would have further questions regarding this ban; Wisconsin Act 44 (Mercury Products Ban) can be found on-line with all additional information that may be helpful.

Added 12/20/10

Cathy Laube; Laboratory Supply Product Manager, and Todd Schreiner; Technical Sales Manager, were recently quoted in the November 26, 2010 Cheese Market News article, “New Rules Spur Demand for Mercury Alternatives”.  The article can be found at

Venturing off of the Marketing Island

I don’t know if everyone feels this way, but sometimes I feel like at work I am on my own little island. At Nelson-Jameson, I work on marketing items such as catalog, flyers and newsletters. So, my island is often surrounded by things such as spelling and obscure grammar rules about hyphens and commas.

Last week I got to spend a few hours away from my island… listen to a couple of our vendors talk about their companies and new product initiatives. While I had anticipated the meetings would be interesting…I didn’t realize how much they might actually help me do my job.

Getting to learn more about and touch some of the products that I had just written about for the upcoming New Products Catalog really helped inspire different ways to write the text and design the products on the page. Hopefully, those experiences and others like it will help me do a better job of connecting with our customers through my writing and promotional materials.

It makes me think that it does us all a little good once and awhile to take our blinders off for our specific tasks in our companies, step off the island and soak up a little information. If nothing else, it is a refreshing break from the normal, every day. But, in some cases, it might actually help us all understand the big picture and do a better job overall.  Thanks to Ann from Rice Lake Weighing Systems and Edwin from Brady who helped me see a little beyond my normal scope for the day!

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John Nelson Recognized at the North Central Cheese Industries Association Annual Conference

John Nelson, Chairman of the Board, was recognized at The North Central Cheese Industries Association at their Annual Conference on October 13.  Nelson received the honor for distinguished service to the cheese industry. Congratulations!

For the complete story and photo from the October 29th issue of Cheese Reporter, see below.


Nelson-Jameson, Inc. U.S. Distributor of Detectaglove™ Metal Detectable Gloves

MARSHFIELD, WIS., Nov. 1, 2010 – To address the need for metal detectable supplies in food plants, Nelson-Jameson has brought together a wide line of processing tools and protective apparel that can be easily detected. Of those products, Nelson-Jameson is proud to announce that they are now the only U.S. distributor to the food industry of Detectaglove™ metal detectable disposable gloves.

The highly-visible blue color of the gloves can be detected as a whole or if pieces fall into product in the electromagnetic range of 50 Khz – 1 Mhz. Compliant with FDA 21 CFR for food handling, these vinyl gloves are powder-free and sold by the box of 100.

For more information, contact Carol Blakey, Safety Product Manager at 800-826-8302.

Nelson-Jameson, Inc. has been an integrated supplier for the food industry since 1947. Product lines include safety & personnel, production & material handling, sanitation & janitorial, processing & flow control, laboratory & QA/QC, and bulk packaging & ingredients. The company is headquartered in Marshfield, Wisconsin, with other locations in Turlock, California, Twin Falls, Idaho, and York, Pennsylvania. For more information visit,