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Food Safety – We Are In This Together

Food safety is EVERYONE’S responsibility – we are all in this together.  As a distributor, we take that job very seriously, and we know you do too.  With the numerous recalls we have been experiencing lately there is a continuous need to be more diligent in regards to food safety.  

Our role at Nelson-Jameson is to help provide you with the items you need to ensure your processing facilities are compliant, providing safe, quality food to all. Nelson-Jameson knows food safety, and offers a wealth of products and solutions that can help your facility reduce the risk of food-borne illness and contamination. See our product solutions below for more information.

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Sanitation & Environmental Testing



When it comes to assuring the quality of your facility and your final product, we know the effort and attention it takes to keep your operation safe. Nelson-Jameson is proud to present our long-awaited SANITATION & ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING flyer to make the whole process a bit easier.

We have highlighted over 85 hygiene monitoring products to help support your HACCP programs in your facility. These products are meant to manage, detect, and help prevent food safety hazards before they become an issue for you and your customers. We have air sampling tools, surface sampling items, Allergen test kits, ATP testing equipment and corresponding swabs, environmental sponges, quick color change swabs for detection of food residues, color indicated Listeria test swabs, as well as many other hygiene monitoring tools in our 2010-2011 Buyers Guide.

Please call 1-800-826-8302 to request a copy of this handy flyer that puts a great range of SANITATION & ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING products into one convenient, at-your-fingertips resource!


Nelson-Jameson Offering Bronco™ Containers in Additional Sizes & Color


MARSHFIELD, WIS., August 27, 2010 – To meet the need of plants that are expanding their color-coded programs, round heavy-duty Bronco containers from Carlisle Sanitary Maintenance Products are now available in orange and 10-, 20-, and 32-gallon sizes.

All colors are NSF Std. 2 for food contact and cleanability, including white, red, yellow, blue, green, grey and now orange. Matching, reinforced, stackable lids are also offered in the new sizes and color.

The 55-gallon size container is available in white, red, yellow, blue, green, and grey, while the 44-gallon size container is made in all the colors, plus orange.

For more information, contact Dakonya Freis, Janitorial & Maintenance Product Manager at 800-826-8302.

Nelson-Jameson, Inc. has been an integrated supplier for the food industry since 1947. Product lines include safety & personnel, production & material handling, sanitation & janitorial, processing & flow control, laboratory & QA/QC, and bulk packaging & ingredients. The company is headquartered in Marshfield, Wisconsin, with other locations in Turlock, California and Twin Falls, Idaho. For more information visit,


Keeping a Keen Eye on Safety

In our efforts to keep safety at the forefront of the Nelson-Jameson operation, our Marshfield facility started doing monthly internal walk-around safety audits in June of 2009.  Nelson-Jameson can be a pretty busy place, with a constant flow of products, materials, and people making their way in and out of our facilities.   It is absolutely essential that we ensure the safety of our workers and facilities amidst this flurry of activity: this internal audit is a way to make sure we are keeping on track.  We’re proud to say that we have accomplished a great deal in a short time with our internal safety audits.  Back in June of 2009 we found nine items that needed correction.   Our last audit only brought up two minor issues to address.  We’re proud of all of our employees for keeping a close eye on safety issues, and for maintaining an impressive safety track record.  Their pride and dedication make Nelson-Jameson the company it is today!

Nelson-Jameson at Cheese-a-topia!

 Late this August, Nelson-Jameson is hitting the road for the American Cheese Society Conference in Seattle, Washington.  The American Cheese Society (ACS) Conference and Competition is one that gathers together the specialty and artisan cheese industry.  Nelson-Jameson, from its beginning in 1947, has supplied dairies and cheese-makers of all sizes, including many farmstead and artisan cheese makers.  Because of this, we’ll be making our way to the Pacific Northwest to meet with familiar faces and new friends at “Cheese-a-topia.”

Be sure to check out information on the ACS and the Conference/Competition at:  Numerous sessions, workshops, guest-speakers, and special events like the annual cheese competition are slated for this year’s conference.  If you are coming to Seattle, be sure to stop by our booth!  We would love to see you! We’ll have a whole host of information, new product details, and ideas on how we can efficiently help supply all of your cheese-making needs.