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Safety: We Don’t Take It Lightly

Safety is something that should not be taken lightly, both at work and at home.  As a new, full-time employee I recently received OSHA training which included multiple videos, quizzes and information sessions. This same training is generally repeated yearly for current employees.  Some of the information may seem like general knowledge, but it is important for companies to abide by government regulations and make sure that all employees have the same knowledge base of what to do in emergency situations, as well as every day occurrences. The everyday occurrences part is sometimes over looked by companies and definitely stood out to me during training. I didn’t know that OSHA training also involved information on how to keep yourself safe on an everyday basis, but a good refresher on safety tips within your home is always appreciated. It has been said that most injuries aren’t really accidents, but rather things that happen because people don’t think before they do unsafe acts.

For that reason, our Safety Director; Todd Schreiner, felt that along with the yearly OSHA training, it was important to update and quiz Nelson-Jameson employees throughout the year on “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP).  Continue reading

Nelson-Jameson Releases 2010-11 Edition of Buyers Guide

Customers will notice that the new edition includes more than 40 additional pages of new and innovative products for the food and dairy industries including PolyCo VR™ aprons, the VersaClenz hand hygiene system, a new line of dust and wet mops, the Speed Pro bath and a new line of Woodland herbs & spices. The easy-to-use “How to Order” boxes, terminology, and other guides were expanded to help provide customers with a one-stop source to find the right product for their applications.  

 The newly designed color-coded insert also includes four additional pages of products to expand Nelson-Jameson’s already extensive color-coded offering. In an effort to give customers even more options, Nelson-Jameson now has many more color-coded products available in orange. The catalog offers many hard-to-find and specialty products exclusive to Nelson-Jameson, as well as hundreds of supply items used daily.

Food processing plants can request a FREE copy of the Nelson-Jameson Buyers Guide by calling 800/826-8302. Or log on to their web site at

 Nelson-Jameson, Inc. has been an integrated supplier for the food industry since 1947. Product lines include safety & personnel, production & material handling, sanitation & janitorial, processing & flow control, laboratory & QA/QC, bulk packaging and ingredients. The company is headquartered in Marshfield, Wisconsin, with other locations in Turlock, California and Twin Falls, Idaho. For more information visit,

Vendor relations and results

This week has been a busy week of meetings for me. I first met with Carlisle to ‘brainstorm’ on some big picture topics and then met with Wausau Paper to discuss the janitorial side of their product offering. Both meetings were very productive and are going to result in some great product offerings for Nelson Jameson.

Let’s start with Carlisle. As we all know color-coding has been a very big topic lately. We’ve been working hard to add orange to the line, but no matter how hard we work, customers are always asking for something we don’t have in orange or want even more colors! In our meeting we discussed ‘orange’ and the fact that Carlisle is looking to drastically expand their offering and add additional products in orange, but this will be a gradual change without specific dates. But, the point is they have listened to us and we’ll be getting more products!

Now moving onto Wausau Paper. It has been brought to their attention, yet again, that we do more than sell dairy towels to farm dealers…and they are finally listening. I sat with the national sales rep to discuss their programs and product offering. Wausau Paper has a lot more to offer than we’ve ever taken advantage of.  With our added support in the Wausau Paper line, this is going to allow us to provide an expanded product offering.

I feel that both of these meetings made it obvious that our relationship with our customers and vendors is continually evolving. Things run smoothly when we listen to our customers needs and pass those needs onto those vendors who value our input and take it into consideration. Creating a working relationship is all about adjusting to change, and at Nelson-Jameson we feel that it all starts with great listening skills.


Helpful Hints for Replacing a pH Electrode

The following list can be helpful when replacing a pH electrode or determining one for your application:

  1. Application or most common product to be tested: All pH electrodes can be used for aqueous solutions. Certain profiles are more suited for semi-solids, cheeses, meats, etc.
  2. Temperature of product: Temperature impacts accuracy. If product is room temperature there is generally no need for an automatic temperature compensator (ATC). For hot and/or cold product an ATC is recommended. ATC’s are either a stand alone sensor or a pH electrode with ATC built-in. Meter manufacturers have different inputs for ATC; manufacturer and model number of meters are required.
  3. Acceptability of glass body electrodes: There are some areas of restriction, generally production areas, where glass-body electrodes would not be advised.

No matter what your application, Nelson-Jameson can help determine the right electrode for the job.  Feel free to call our tech service department (800-826-8302) for further details.

Big 8 = No. 1 Cause of Food Recalls

What do you think is the number one cause of global food recalls? Answer: food allergens.  We are hearing more and more about the various food allergies that increasing numbers of people must live with. When I think back to when I was young the only allergy I ever remember is if someone was allergic to bees.  I honestly don’t remember ever knowing or hearing of anyone allergic to a particular food.  I would venture a guess that each and every one of you knows someone that has a food allergy of some sort.  My son for instance is allergic to mushrooms, who ever heard of that one? 

It is estimated that between 150 to 200 Americans die each year due to some sort of allergic reaction to food. What exactly causes a person to “develop” a food allergy? It is a specific type of adverse food reaction involving the immune system.  The body produces an allergic antibody to a food.  Once a specific food is eaten and binds with the antibody, an allergic reaction occurs. 

To reduce the risks, the FDA is working to ensure that the eight major allergenic ingredients in food are accurately labeled.  Since 2006, food labels must clearly state whether the food contains an ingredient that is considered a major food allergen.  These eight major food allergens are also known in the food industry as The “BIG 8”; milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts such as almonds, walnuts and pecans, soybeans, wheat, fish and shellfish such as crab, shrimp and lobster.

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