The Fall of the Pests

It might be a burdensome task to face, but winter weather is coming and its time to face that cold fact. In the process of battening down the hatches, don’t forget to think about pest control over the winter months. Nelson-Jameson stocks a wide array of pest control products, knowing there is no “off season” for pest control. In fact, winter brings some special consideration in terms of determining potential target pests.

According to, one of the biggest concerns for any food facility come in the form of rodents; they “present the primary threat to food plants as the temperature drops, as they seek the warm shelter as well as food and water sources a food plant provides.” In addition, some other pests also are well-known for their winter populations in homes and businesses of all kinds. The New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food states that amongst others, cluster flies and lady beetles can prove to be especially problematic in the winter months. Even in winter months, it just doesn’t seem like you can count on these pests taking a long winter’s nap.

Prevention is stressed highly by numerous authorities on pests. Sealing, caulking, and repairing damages to the facility before the cold weather really settles in is key. Being prepared with the necessary proper pest management supplies for the winter months can go a long way in terms of prevention. For instance, if you are looking for some help taking on mice this winter, check out our Stick-Em® Rodent Traps, NJ# 202-6010. These traps are effective and don’t pose the danger to employees of spring traps or uncertainty of box traps. To take on cluster flies and other kinds of flies, take a look at the Insect-O-Cutor® Guardian Scatterproof unit, NJ# 343-6392. Our line of scatterproof units are ideal for use in proximity to open food processing areas as they are USDA and FDA approved.  Contact Devon Jones at 800-826-8302 or to discuss your operation’s pest control needs.

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