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Wisconsin Safety & Health Conference & Expo (WSC)

WSC_logo_4c-greenJoin the Wisconsin Safety Council for the state’s premier safety and health conference. Wisconsin’s leading safety, health, and environmental professionals gather in Wisconsin Dells to find the latest and greatest products and services they need to strengthen their safety and health programs. The hundreds of attendees also share best practices, learn from educational programs, and network with their peers throughout the conference.

Wisconsin Safety and Health Conference and Expo will feature renowned speakers, educators and professionals, and will celebrate the strength of industry in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is known for our rich workforce history and strong work ethic

For more information: https://www.wmc.org/programs/wisconsin-safety-council/conferences/annual-safety-conference/

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Ashley Heiman Joins Customer Advisory Council

11329834_1080709701956589_2312646211457728723_nCongratulations to Ashley Heiman, MRO Product Manager, (front & left) who was invited to be a member of the Accuform Signs Customer Advisory Council.

Accuform Signs is a custom sign manufacturer known for advanced  technologies and the most modern facilities. Accuform positions itself to handle virtually any identification need utilizing various digital printing technologies that, in some cases, are exclusive to Accuform, worldwide.

The goal of the council is to present new products, catalog concepts, web-tools, customer service procedures and more. They recently met in Atlanta, Georgia.

Learn more about Accuform Custom Safety Signs and Custom Store-Boards™ Shadow Boards on our website.

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Tech Tip: Choosing Hearing Protection

Every day, employees are subjected to loud noises at their workplace. It is up to the employer to supply appropriate hearing protection and implement a hearing protection program if noise levels exceed 85 decibels measured with a Time Weighted Average (TWA.)

The hearing protection used will vary greatly depending on the environment, noise levels and personal preference. It is necessary to offer options that all meet your company’s program requirements.

1005602Basic hearing protection can be broken down into three choices: earplugs, semi-aural, and earmuffs.

Earplugs are placed inside the ear canal, and there are two options: Disposable or reusable, and both come in either corded or uncorded versions.

Semi-aural protection is a banded product that can easily be taken off and on. It caps off the ear canal and typically offers a lower protection level than plugs.

Ear muffs are available in many options that involve cushions that fit over the entire ear.

When it comes down to it, it is the employer’s responsibility to supply the hearing protection and your employee’s responsibility to wear it. For more information on Noise Reduction Ratings, see our Learning Center. To view our selection of hearing protection, visit our website.

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OSHA Lays Out Top 10 Violations

14885What are your top safety concerns at your operation? Do you have short-term or long-term goals in mind when it comes to your safety program? Well, if you do, you may want to consider the following.

The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has released figures for their “Top 10” violations list in 2013 (most frequently issued citations for fiscal 2013, ending Sept. 30.):

“1926.501 — Fall Protection 8,241 total violations

1910.1200 — Hazard Communication 6,156 total violations

1926.451 — Scaffolding 5,423 total violations

1910.134 — Respiratory Protection 3,879 total violations

1910.305 — Electrical, Wiring Methods 3,452 total violations

1910.178 — Powered Industrial Trucks 3,340 total violations

1926.1053 — Ladders 3,311 total violations

1910.147 — Lockout/Tagout 3,254 total violations

1910.303 — Electrical, General Requirements 2,745 total violations

1910.212 — Machine Guarding 2,701 total violations”

Nelson-Jameson is ready to help you address workplace safety with a wide line of Safety and Personnel products. We offer a range of safety signs & markers, respirators, lockout & tagout products, training videos, and many other products to address your facility’s and workers’ needs.  Check out our website, catalog, or give us a call at 1-800-826-8302 to learn more about the many options we offer when it comes to safety!

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From the Learning Center: Cut-Resistant Ratings

17459In the food industry and many other industries for that matter, employees work around sharp and abrasive objects. To protect hands from injury, many employees wear cut-resistant gloves – but not all cut-resistant gloves are created equal.

This list below shows how resistant a material is to cuts when exposed to a cutting edge under specific loads.  ANSI results are provided in terms of grams of weight applied to the specific material being tested. The number represents the weight needed to cut through material with 25mm of blade travel. Notice that cut levels range from 0 to 5, with 5 being the best.

ANSI cut level 0        <200
ANSI cut level 1        >200
ANSI cut level 2        >500
ANSI cut level 3        >1000
ANSI cut level 4        >1500
ANSI cut level 5        >3500

For more information on our cut-resistant gloves, click here.

About Our Learning Center
To make informed decisions in the food, dairy and beverage industries, you need to have in-depth product knowledge and a variety of educational resources. Our Learning Center is designed to help you with all that. Visit our Learning Center today!

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