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Indiana Milk Quality Conference

The 20IMQP+215 Indiana Milk Quality Conference will be a two-day fun filled information packed venture for Indiana Dairy Industry Professionals. Attendees of the 2014 Conference included regulatory personnel, dairy product processors, equipment manufacturers, cooperative services, dairy producers, milk haulers, and many others interested in the dairy industry.

For more information:  http://imqpinc.com/4.html

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Fluid Milk: Market and Generational Differences Are Influencing Consumption

Milk GlassThe publication of the USDA’s “Why Are Americans Consuming Less Fluid Milk?   A Look at Generational Differences in Intake Frequency” this May has lead to frank discussion in the dairy industry. Citing a ‘“slow continuous shift downward’ in milk drinking since the 1940s,” the report analyzes the causes and potential effects of this downward trend. The trend has been especially felt significantly in the last several decades: “Since 1970 alone, per capita fluid milk consumption has fallen from 0.96 cup-equivalents to about 0.61 cup-equivalents per day”.

So, what is going on here?  The authors point to several issues that have energized this trend including the following: frequency of consumption, a diversified marketplace, and generational differences. In regards to frequency, Americans “have become less apt to drink fluid milk at mealtimes, especially with midday and nighttime meals, reducing the total number of consumption occasions.” Part of the reason the frequency has decreased is due to an expanding array of beverage options that are out there for the average consumer.

Milk has been displaced by the consumption of energy drinks, sodas, juices, tea, coffee, etc. The current market offers a wide selection of beverages, choices, and purported claims. For younger consumers this variety and choice is something they have always known, unlike older consumers who remember fewer choices and a lack of access to Taurine-infused energy drinks, iced teas, iced coffee drinks, chocolate soy milk, etc. Continue reading

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The Dairy Security Act: An Examination of the Debate

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If you have seen “Goodlatte” in the news lately, it might not be in reference to Starbucks. Instead, Reps. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va and David Scott, D-Ga are in the news due to their proposed “Dairy Freedom Act.” In response to the Dairy Security Act, the proposed Act, according to the Capital Press, offers margin insurance for “producers to reduce catastrophic losses. But it does so without a milk supply-management element.” Numerous manufacturers and retailers have signed on in support of the proposed Act, including the National Grocers Association, the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association, in addition to many more.

Despite these endorsements, the Act has also drawn some criticism.   A piece on the PR Newswire explains: “Opponents of supply management believe it would increase domestic prices on dairy products above international prices, make the American dairy industry less competitive and bring more government regulation and intervention into milk markets.”  Those opposed to the Act include the National Milk Producers Federation.

As a producer, processor, retailer, etc., you can check in with your respective professional organization(s) for their stance on the debate. Rep. Goodlatte has provided a link to the complete text on his website.  You can access that link here.

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Indiana Milk Quality Conference

The 2012 Indiana Milk Quality Conference will be a two-day fun filled information packed venture for Indiana Dairy Industry Professionals. It will be held on the dates of Tuesday, April 10 and Wednesday, April 11, and for those who want more there is a Farm Tour of antique farm equipment and a picnic offered on Monday, April 9. All events are hosted by the Indiana Milk Quality Professionals, Inc.

For more information: Indiana Milk Quality 

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