Nelson-Jameson Discovers The Benefits of Blogging

Social media seems to be the business-to-business topic of 2010.  Facebook, Twitter, and blogs are all becoming innovative ways to reach a large number of customers quickly … whether it be about industry information, product-based solutions, or general company communcation.

As we work on a redesign of our web site and review our business processes, we plan to incorporate the use of social media.  Please be patient with us – many of us are “old school” and still trying to wrap our arms around the concept of blogging.  But, with the help of the younger generation we employ (and a wonderful web development firm), we are embracing this concept of two-way communication with our customers, prospective customers, and vendors.

Please feel free to subscribe to blog updates, as there will be a lot of interesting information funneling through our blog,  The Wide Line.  And, as always, your feedback, comments and suggestions are encouraged … and appreciated.

We’re excited about this new venue of communication.  And we hope you’ll be on board and join us as we go forward.

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Director of Customer Experience, Nelson-Jameson, Inc.
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One Response to Nelson-Jameson Discovers The Benefits of Blogging

  1.' Steve McClintick says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I enjoyed seeing the new N-J blog. My compliments to you and your associates for the excellent work to make use of socialnomics!

    Best regards,

    Steve McClintick

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