Keeping Your Cool This Summer

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Staying cool during the summer months can often be a challenge. Keeping employees cool and comfortable during the day is very important.

At Nelson-Jameson, we have many cooling aids to help employees beat the heat in even the hottest food processing facilities. Cooling products include headband/neck wraps, bandanas, hard hat sweatbands, cooling towels, and hat/cap liners. Simply immerse them in cold water for 5-15 minutes, and stay cool all day.

Another option is a cooling vest which features four pockets for cooling inserts. The Feather Ice Inserts are reusable packs that stay cold three times longer than ice.

Look for our Sqwincher™ drink mixes, which provide the optimal combination of fluids and electrolytes to keep your employees hydrated. They are perfect for hot, humid food processing environments.

To learn more, or to order these cooling aids, contact our Customer Service team today or visit

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  1.' Jordan says:

    Some great points here! Especially if you work outside, keeping hydrated in the heat is so important. Heatstroke is no joke!

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