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Tech Tip: Identifying Equipment

When purchasing a pump, tank, or valve, also purchase an inexpensive engraver, and engrave the model and serial number in an alternate location that is more visible than the nameplate. Not only will it be easier to see, but when the nameplates become unreadable you will have an alternate area for that information, or you can engrave an aluminum tag and chain it to the said item.

The point being, model and serial numbers often fade or become unreadable with age, having an additional spot on the piece of equipment will make life easier when it comes to identifying that item in the future.

Tech Tip: Pump Backplates

Not sure what size backplate is on your C-Series pump? It’s right in the description! The third number is the backplate diameter in inches.

114 pump – 4” backplate
216 pump – 6” backplate
328 pump – 8” backplate
4410 pump – 10” backplate

For more information on our Sanitary Pumps, visit our website or call our Technical Services Department at 800-826-8302.

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Nelson-Jameson, Inc. Updates Color-Coded Products Line

CCCoverMARSHFIELD, WIS., April 15, 2015  – Nelson-Jameson has updated their extensive collection of color-coded products for material handling, janitorial, safety, lab and processing applications, with the introduction of Ultra Safe Technology (UST) Brooms and Brushes.

The revolutionary new line of cleaning tools are supplied in the United States exclusively by Remco. With enhanced bristle security and unique bristle patterns, UST brooms and brushes help improve food safety and quality while minimizing the risk of contamination hazards.

Other new items have also been added to expand color selections on a variety of items. The color-coded line includes several colors, including white, red, yellow, blue, green, gray, brown, black, orange, purple and pink. The company’s new color-coded catalog features the complete color-coded line and is available on their website,

For more information or to request a flyer, please contact Customer Service at 800-826-8302 or visit

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Tech Tip: Pump Seals

All pumps have seals, but not all seals are the same. Alfa Laval LKH seals are the ultimate design for cleanability, maintainability, and versatility – resulting in the highest quality seal, with lowest cost of ownership:

• Single external seal is the cleanest solution in pump sealing available.
• Seal wear is always kept out of the product.
• Front loading seal allows for quick onsite seal change.
• Only two seals are needed to support the entire LKH pump range.
• Easy upgrade to flushed or double seal.
• Rapid seal change without requiring a reshimming of the pump.

Contact Technical Services at 800-826-8302 with your application details, or your account manager for an on-site product demo.

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Tech Tip: Discharge Hoses

Thinking of using a discharge hose without a wire to reduce the weight of large hoses?

The drawback is that the weight of the hose can cause it to flatten out a little, creating opportunities for the hose to bend and kink. Also, if a CIP cycle is run through a hose that has a bend in it, the heat will set the hose in this new shape and can ruin it completely.

Instead of sacrificing hose life and performance for weight, try specially coated suction/discharge hoses that reduce drag and are therefore much easier to move, but will wear well and perform like your regular reinforced suction/discharge hoses.

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