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Assistant Operations Manager, Nelson-Jameson, Inc.

Winter Shipping Guidelines

With winter no doubt closing in on the Midwest, we need to keep in mind that at times when temperatures are too low Nelson-Jameson will not be able to ship items that cannot be allowed to freeze, which could compromise the integrity/performance of the product.The guidelines that will be followed are:   When the daytime […]

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Tech Tip: Conditioning New pH Electrodes

Many pH electrodes are shipped with the electrodes moist. Prior to using your electrode for the first time it needs to be conditioned. While it is always best to refer to the manufacturer instructions for proper electrode conditioning, below are three common recommended steps for conditioning your electrode: 1. Remove the protective cap or bottle […]

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Spring Fever for Farm Events

You know spring is near as the snow starts to melt and temps begin to rise.  Another indication of spring is all the farm shows and producer meetings that are taking place.  We recently had a booth at the Shoppes at Wood Ridge Farm Show in Marshfield, Wisconsin.  It is always fun getting out and talking […]

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