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Technical Director, Nelson-Jameson, Inc.

Checking the Checkers

The new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires registered food companies (including Nelson-Jameson, Inc. as a “holder and transporter” of food) to develop risk-based food safety plans. Included in this plan for food processors must be critical control points (CCPs), where known hazards related to raw materials and finished products are controlled. For example, brine used to […]

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The Complete Package

In our area we get a lot of requests for “everything needed to set up a  lab”. Without information about the products being manufactured and specific tests to be run, this question is virtually impossible to answer. Even though meat, cheese and catsup all require accurate pHs each product requires a different combination of meter, […]

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WAFP Program Offers Valuable Information About Water To Wisconsin’s Food Industry

A basic understanding of water chemistry is essential for operating an efficient and profitable food production operation.  Nelson-Jameson, Inc. is a sustaining member of the International Association of Food Protection (IAFP) and supports the educational programs of the Wisconsin affiliate.  Given the critical role of water in a successful food production operation, this program warrants […]

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QALY Helps FDA Target Inspections

Under the Food Safety Modernization Act, signed into law in January of this year, the FDA has a mandate to prioritize facility inspections according to risk.   Highest risk would be foods implicated in outbreaks, and companies involved in related recalls.   To help facilitate this decision process the University of Florida, Emerging Pathogen Institute, did an […]

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Food Safety Alert: E.coli Outbreak in Europe

With the recent E.coli outbreak, there is a continuous need to be more diligent in regards to food safety.  We, as a food and dairy supplies distributor, and you, as a producer of quality food, can work together to maintain the goal of providing safe food to consumers.  Produce comes from the field contaminated with […]

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