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Let’s Talk Turkey

Ah, Thanksgiving. An occasion to give pause, show gratitude and celebrate our freedoms and blessings with friends and family. Oh, and also a time to eat… A LOT. But before you belly up to your harvest table on Thursday, keep in mind some food safety tips that will save your Thanksgiving holiday from running a-fowl: […]

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Don’t Have a Cow

Nelson-Jameson, Inc. began as a dairy-centric business almost 70 years ago and, while we’ve since branched into all sectors of the food and beverage processing industries, we still consider ourselves experts in all-things-dairy. Global dairy consumption is expected to grow by 36% in the next decade, largely driven by emerging markets. To satisfy this demand […]

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Congratulations to Our 1000th Subscriber!

Drumroll please…Nelson-Jameson has our 1000th e-newsletter subscriber! Paula Tofil of Welcome Farms, LLC in East Aurora, New York, is the proud winner of a “swag bag” filled with Nelson-Jameson-branded items. Paula said that she signed up for our newsletter because Welcome Farms is “a very young goat farm that is looking to become a farmstead creamery”. After […]

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Science Fare

The science of sustenance. Diet developments. Munchie modification. Whatever alimental alliteration you choose, it’s all covered under a food processor’s “Research and Development” department. Almost all food manufacturers have an R&D division whose responsibility it is to improve existing products and manufacturing processes, extend current product lines and develop entirely new foods. Today we highlight […]

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Healthy People, Healthy Products, Healthy Planet

Today is Earth Day, and our blog usually focuses around Nelson-Jameson’s social and environmental sustainability practices. This year, however, we’re taking a “big picture” approach, and exploring the overall food industry’s sustainability outlook. We’ll take a closer look at the ways in which food manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers are taking steps to increase sustainability […]

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