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MRO Department Manager, Nelson-Jameson, Inc.

Keeping Your Cool This Summer

Staying cool during the summer months can often be a challenge. Keeping employees cool and comfortable during the day is very important. At Nelson-Jameson, we have many cooling aids to help employees beat the heat in even the hottest food processing facilities. Cooling products include headband/neck wraps, bandanas, hard hat sweatbands, cooling towels, and hat/cap liners. Simply immerse them in cold water for 5-15 minutes, […]

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Tech Tip: A Step in the Right Direction

At Nelson-Jameson, we often get questions from customers asking about how to find the right size when ordering boots for female employees. For those not familiar, industrial/work boots are generally sold only in men’s sizes. Hence, things can start off on the wrong foot for buyers hoping to find their employees the right footwear. Though some […]

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