A New Website is Born!

As a new mom, I know all about anticipation and waiting for someone’s arrival. When our daughter was born, I was amazed how a tiny baby could change our world. Every little thing she did was miraculous to us, even if it wasn’t a big deal to others. I am so excited to “show her off” like she is the only baby in the world!

I was almost as eager to have the new nelsonjameson.com launch last week. It may seem like a small aspect of a business, but we think it is a big deal! Excuse the pun, but there was a lot of “labor” that went into the creation of the new website.

Just like the milestones of a baby, we are impressed with our new features – Learning Center, The Wide Line Blog, and enhanced shopping site. Consider this blog, a birth announcement – I invite you to visit our site and watch it grow!

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2 Responses to A New Website is Born!

  1. cmarx@staabco.com' Cathy Marx says:

    What a cool way to introduce the new website. I applaud!!!!!

  2. Tina Borchardt says:

    Thank you Cathy! We are very proud of our “baby!”

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